June 3, 2009

Roberson ranks Rams third

Tulsa (OK) Union wide receiver Thomas Roberson is starting to heavily populate college coaches recruiting radar's as he has received three Mountain West Conference offers in the past three weeks. And what's not to like? At 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, Roberson has the early mold of an FBS superstar.

His three most recent offers have come from Colorado State, UNLV and Wyoming, giving him a total of five. According to Roberson, he needs a place where he is a good fit in the offensive scheme and he feels like Fort Collins could be a great place for him.

"From what Coach Peterson was telling me, they throw the ball around a lot," Roberson said. "He's a big time coach and has been at a lot of big time places so I think it would be good if I did end up deciding to go there because they have a lot of coaches who have big time experience and know what they're doing and I think I could get the ball a lot-I can see myself fitting in that offense."

As a junior in 2008, Roberson was limited to only 5 games to do a hand injury, but in that timespan brought down22 catches for 489 yards and four scores.

Besides the quality of recruiting pitch a university may give to him, Roberson has other factors that might sway which school he ends up going to as one of his identical triplet brothers, James Roberson, committed to the University of Tulsa last week. James was extended an offer from the Golden Hurricane at the same time Thomas was back in August of 2008.

The question is, how big of a role does James' commitment to TU play with Thomas?

"It will effect things a little, but not a whole lot. It will weigh in, but nothing too strong. Part of my thing with Tulsa is that they were the first schools to offer me and have stuck with me the whole way."

Right now Roberson ranks his schools with Tulsa at the top, UNLV second and Colorado State third. Still, he thinks he may visit Fort Collins with his teammate Alec Henry in the next few weeks. Roberson says that him and Henry are close and discuss CSU quite a bit.

While he wants to have his discussion made this summer, there are still other schools that are paying attention to him including Oklahoma State, a university that some preseason polls have in their top 10.

"OSU has really been talking to me the past couple of days. They haven't offered yet, but I'm actually attending a camp in Stillwater of Thursday."

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