October 11, 2009

Toughness Prevails in Rugged Road Win

BATON ROUGE - It had all the smells and trappings of an upset. LSU fans, who love to revel in the history of their program - most of the time ancient history - were stoked for their first home matchup of top five teams in 50 years.

There was the Tiger Stadium mystique malarkey, the business about LSU owning a 32-game winning streak in Saturday night games (of course all but four came against unranked opponents). Special t-shirts were printed, something about Gator gumbo (love the Cajun food references), the atmosphere was electric. Another party on the Bayou, like the one after the Tigers edged the Gators 28-24 in the same venue two years earlier, was on the agenda.

The only problem was that the 2009 Gators were invited, and the good times rolled to a sudden halt.

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