November 8, 2009

Morris takes his final visit

&prThe Georgia Tech basketball team is looking for their first commitment for the 2010 class and the Jackets hosted one of the best guards in the country this weekend with the hopes of landing a commitment. Hotchkiss guard Jason Morris has narrowed his list of possible schools to Georgia Tech and Clemson. The Jackets got his final visit and Morris is almost ready to announce where he is going.

"The Georgia Tech visit was great and I feel like I am pretty close to making my decision," he said. "I will have my mind made up by the end of this coming week. I will be either Georgia Tech or Clemson."

The six-foot-five four-star guard enjoyed a somewhat low-key visit that included watching the football team beat Wake Forest 30-27 in overtime.

"I watched practice, went to the football game and had dinner with the guys on the team," Morris said. "It was all pretty relaxed. The new basketball facility is really nice."

After visiting Georgia Tech multiple times over the last few years, Morris has built a solid relationship with head coach Paul Hewitt and Jackets' assistant coach Peter Zaharis.

"I have a really good relationship with Coach Hewitt and I am very close to coach Zaharis," he said. "I really enjoy coach Hewitt's family approach to coaching the team. He makes you feel like you are part of a family and the players enjoy playing for him."

Morris would not say he was leaning toward either school and he is trying to clear his own thoughts so he can make an informed decision and have no regrets about where he ends up playing college basketball.

"Now it is all about second thoughts and making sure what I want to do is clear in my mind," he said. "I don't want people whispering in my ear, this is my decision."

Each school has their pros and cons and with the Tigers, lifestyle is a key consideration for Morris.

"I won't lie, with Clemson it is all about the location. You cannot avoid the campus because it is a closed environment. It is both a con and a plus. Georgia Tech is the opposite of Clemson in a favorable way. It is in the city and there is a lot to do, but there are a lot of outside influences to. Tech feels like a classic college campus, but you turn your head there are those skyscrapers. It is not quite the genuine college experience because of that."

On the court, Morris sees both schools as being fairly equal in what they have to offer. Finding a route to the NBA is not necessarily important to Morris because he feels like he can make his own path there if it is meant to be.

"Basketball wise, both schools are pretty equal and the guys enjoy playing there," he said. "The NBA part of it depends on your faith in the coach, but there are so many routes to get there nowadays, but past success helps."

Ultimately, for Morris the decision will come down to which school he will enjoy the most.

"I want to win and I want to have fun," he said. "At a lot of schools you can win, but the players don't enjoy themselves or the experience as much as they should."

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