December 22, 2009

Moeaki looks to finish on a high note

This past week Tony Moeaki took his final test as a student at the University of Iowa. His final test as a football player in an Iowa uniform comes up next month in Miami at the Orange Bowl. The senior tight end is feeling as close to 100% as he has been in a while and looks to go out on a high note against Georgia Tech. He talks about the Yellow Jacket defense, his health, and how Dace Richardson is doing in this update.

Joined in progress..

Moeaki: As a senior class it would be pretty awesome if we finished up the season that way and accomplish that. I know we started off 9-0 and no one had ever done that here.

Q: At least among each other you guys have talked about this and how it could be a pretty special win and reach a milestone.

Moeaki: Yeah. We all realize that this could be a huge win. After winning last year in Tampa at the Outback Bowl, we had a pretty special feeling and we are going to try and get that feeling back.

Q: Trey Stross said that Georgia Tech compares to Michigan in the defensive backfield and the first through was Tony Moeaki is salivating.

Moeaki: (laugh) I don't know if I would compare them to them quite yet. I haven't seen enough of them. I have seen some and they looked pretty good. They have some good players and a good defensive end. If they do end up like Michigan, I guess that is good for me. (laugh) They will be good and we know that.

Q: After a little time off do you finally feel back to close to 100%?

Moeaki: Yeah, I am getting there. These last few weeks and then finals week have helped. I feel good.

Q: Did you get graduation out of the way now?

Moeaki: Yep, graduated, walked this week. Now we just have to win the Orange Bowl. That would be great.

Q: That's the capper, win the Orange Bowl.

Moeaki: Yeah, that would be great. Perfect ending.

Q: How is Dace Richardson doing? I saw a picture of him back in pads.

Moeaki: He is working his way back. That was the plan all along. He is getting excited. I think he probably has to work on his conditioning. Going from here to the warmth in Miami is going to be tough.

Q: How anxious are you guys to get down there to Miami and out of the cold here in Iowa?

Moeaki: We want to do now. (laugh) We are excited to get out of the cold weather, but that is a week away.

Q: Have you checked out the team hotel down there? It looks like it could be a distraction. (laugh)

Moeaki: Yeah, it looks pretty nice. I'm guessing we will be in more meetings and longer practices than usual. (laugh)

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