January 5, 2010

Meet the Class of 2010: RaShawde Meyers

It could be called the recruitment that was love at first site. Web site that is...

RaShawde Meyers of Cocoa (Fla.) High School needed only look at the Web site www.coachfair.com in July to decide that Colorado State was the place for him to continue his football career. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound defensive end made his pledge to Colorado State before ever seeing the Fort Collins campus, then visited in Sept., which only confirmed his interest in the school.

"I am staying there," Meyers said of his pledge to Colorado State. "I have found the school I am interested in and I am staying with it."

As a player, Meyers said he hopes to make the next level, but if that doesn't work, he wants to collect an education good enough to score him a good job in the workforce. When asked what about the Colorado State coaching staff made him confident that the road to the NFL went through Fort Collins, Meyers spoke with confidence about the Colorado State staff.

"I have seen the organization, I have seen what they do, and I think they can get me to where I want to go," Meyers said.

As a Junior, Meyers scored 57 tackles and three sacks. This season he improved those sack numbers to 13 sacks and accounted for 55 tackles. The result was being named All-State, All-District and Cape Coast Conference Player of the Year. All that despite the fact Meyers said opposing offenses keyed on him this season.

"I think I was more aggressive and more determined," Meyers said when asked how he improved this year. "I feel like I am a threat. I am strong and quick and those are the two things that I think are my strengths."

Meyers added he felt the double-teams he saw this season were a measure of respect and said he was happy to endure them in an attempt to allow his teammates to make a stop.

"I just took it as if they were focusing in on me, then other players were available to make the tackle," he said.

Meyers said he is interested in majoring in business or agriculture and, while the reputation of cold weather in Fort Collins may have scared off some prospects this season, Meyer said he is looking forward to the new experience of playing in snow.

"I am looking forward to playing in the snow," Meyers said. "It doesn't snow in Florida, so I don't know what it feels like."

He also added that, while Fort Collins and Cocoa, Fla. are miles away, the fact the Rams have 11 players in their recruiting class coming from Florida is a plus for him. Meyers, who said steak and potatoes are his favorite foods, is also getting his ducks in a row to make a return to the wrestling mat. Last season Meyers was fifth in the Florida State Wrestling Meet at the heavyweight division - an impressive feat given the fact he was often wrestling against competitors 60 pounds heavier.

"As of right now I haven't started wrestling because I have more important stuff to do," Meyers said turning down the opportunity to elaborate. "Wrestling is an activity to do that I need to get myself occupied. Hopefully sometime soon I'll start wrestling, but as of right now I am not really thinking about it too much."

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