February 13, 2010

DE, Josh McNary is getting ready for 2010

There aren't many question marks regarding All-American defensive end Josh McNary's game. But like fellow defender Stephen Anderson, McNary has been and will be spending the winter and spring respectively, rehabbing from post-season surgery.

More specifically, the 6-foot-1, 245 pounder is recovering from surgery on his left shoulder as a result of a torn labrum.

With full recovery anticipated for both McNary and Anderson, the Army fans are chomping at the bit to see these two back on the field. Add to that a defense that includes nine returning starters, it is understood why the possibility of exceeding their 2009 performance that saw them ranked 16th in the nation in overall defense has everyone excited.


But before stepping onto any field, practice or game, the talented senior must endure the rehab workouts that will allow him to get back to his 2009 form which saw him set an Army record with 12.5 sacks, that placed him fourth in the nation in that category.

As the Black Knights' leader in career sacks (18), McNary is anxious to get going, but also is taking all necessary precaution and steps to ensure that when he does return, that he is 100% ready to go.

GoBlackKnights.com caught up with the senior to be to discuss his rehabilitation and expectation for the 2010 season.

Unlike Anderson, the athletic and explosive hybrid defensive end has remained on campus since his January 5th surgery, as well as his rehab.

"I'm doing the rehab regiment provided to me by the doctors and trainers," shares McNary, who played the last two games (North Texas & Navy) with the injury.

"I'm on schedule and now I'm just working on different movement, range of motion and stabilization. My range of motion is getting a lot better every day and my time in the sling is coming to an end. Within a few weeks I will be able to lift with it and start developing it.

McNary's attributes as a defender against typically bigger offensive tackles has never been his size, but his strength and explosiveness. So one legitimate concern would be any weight lost that he might have incurred. "I'm good right now, but I lost a little bit in the hospital," shares #44.

"I have been lifting, eating right and I've recovered pretty well and I'm back up to 230. I got a little range of motion and I've been hitting the weight room so I do what I could, but avoiding that particular area.

McNary is clear to point out that his weight room activities are regulated to performing lower body lifts, left arm, abs and forearms.


Getting McNary back on the field will only solidify what is the strength of the 2010 team. And McNary himself knows that the potential is there for this unit to do something very special things this season, but also leave their mark as on the pages of one the more historical college football programs in the country. "I think we have a shot at being one of the premier defenses that Army has seen," declares McNary. "We have a lot returning starters and those who didn't start, but got some playing time. Like freshmen like Josh Jackson and others … I think we will be very effective this year.

"The strength of the defense is our relentlessness, our swarm, our pursuit. We have to over compensate because of lack of size, with our speed, discipline, relentlessness and we can match up with the best of them."


"This was a huge accomplishment," says McNary on being selected by three different All-American teams, such as Sports Illustrated. "It was one of those goals that I sat for myself at a very young age. You know, that far fetch goal when the teacher asked us to write down our list of five goals that we wanted to achieve over the next twenty years and that was definitely one of them. I didn't really know what it meant at the time, other than it was a status statement for any college football player. Being named was an honor.


If you ask any of the Black Knights, the Navy game is always marked on the calendar, but one game this upcoming season that McNary is really looking forward to is against next state neighbor, Rutgers. "That one game for me is Rutgers," McNary states, when asked which game in 2010 is most looking forward to. "We have played Rutgers the past three years and they pretty much have had our number. We are always the underdog when we face them, and I would like to prove all the naysayers wrong because they automatically write us off.

Surely McNary will not participate in spring practiced, but the talented defender who was given six months from the 4th of January to be ready to get back on the field, should be set to go when summer football camp opens.

And the Army fans can't wait to see #44 back where he belongs.

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