May 12, 2010

Orange a favorite for Lynch?

Snellville (GA) Brookwood linebacker Cameron Lynch is in a part of the country where the Syracuse Orange are not known for recruiting, but in this case they have made an impact on the prospect.

"The Syracuse offer came early in April," Lynch said. "I was taken off guard because I really did not talk to any of the coaches or anything like that. Once they offered I tried to show more interest in them and learn about what they had to offer. I have now talked with coaches from there and even the head coach called me, I liked that."

Lynch, 5-foot-11, 220 pounds talked with Doug Marrone and the big part of the conversation was Marrone telling Lynch that he should get ready to visit Syracuse and see what they have to offer.

"It was a good conversation and he just told me to come up this summer to some camps and things like that."

Will Lynch be listening to Marrone's words about the visit?

"Whenever they have their camp I am going to come up there and visit this summer."

On the phone Lynch has also talked with his recruiting coach Greg Adkins. On his trip to Syracuse this summer he thinks it will only improve the already solid relationship the two have.

"I get along with him well. I have only talked with him a few times, so when I go up there this summer I am sure he will treat me well and I am sure our relationship will strengthen then."

Even though the Georgia product has not been to Syracuse yet he has done some research on the school and there were a few items that caught his eye.

"I saw their indoor stadium and that attracted me and their uniforms are pretty cool and that's all I could really get from the website. I did look up their engineering program, it was outstanding. They also recently sent me a brochure that was talking about the engineering program. In the brochure it showed some items that they had made and that interested me because I am looking to major in mechanical engineering."

Syracuse is looking at Lynch to play linebacker. The high school standout thinks that the Orange like him first because of his work in the class room and his ability to make plays.

"Syracuse wants me to play one of the linebacker positions inside or outside. I think it is outside," Lynch stated. "My grades are probably the main aspect of what makes me a division one player. I am a student athlete and I have a 3.6 GPA, so that stands out. Then it is my ability to make plays on the field. That is what I would say makes me a division one prospect."

Syracuse is not the only school to extend an offer at this point, two other programs have as well.

"I have offers from Akron, Air Force, and Syracuse that s it so far."

After he received the Akron offer Lynch headed up to Ohio to see what the Zips had to offer. He also took time to head up to Duke.

"Akron was good, the coaching staff was nice and I had a good time up there. Duke was nice also. The facilities were nice and I had a chance to sit down and talk with my recruiting coach, my position coach, and the head coach for a good while."

At this point Duke has not offered, but an offer could be coming soon from the Blue Devils.

"They have talked about offering, maybe after they come to spring practice and after another visit up there hopefully something will go down."

With a few offers in hand and the possibility of more on the way does Lynch have any favorites and if so where do the Syracuse Orange stand?

"Syracuse is one of my top schools. Syracuse, Harvard, and Duke are in my top three."

Harvard is not usually a team mentioned when a prospect has offers from BCS conferences, but the Ivy League institution is important to Lynch.

"You really can't get better than Harvard when it comes to education. They offered a financial aid packet. I don't know though we will see what happens, but the Ivy League is really high on my list."

With the Ivy League schools being in the northeast and Syracuse is in the same general area it will make for a nice trip when the time comes.

"I am going to visit Princeton, Harvard, and we are going to make it a round trip with Syracuse as the other school."

As far as a decision goes Lynch does not know when he will pull the trigger.

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