June 16, 2010

FLA linebacker looking to make impact

Fort Lauderdale (Fla) Dillard outside linebacker Daerius Washington holds six offers at this time, but his first came from Syracuse. CuseConfidential.com caught up with the prospect to see what he thinks of the offer and more.

"Syracuse offered during the spring it was like two weeks before my spring game," Washington said. "It was my first offer, I was real excited about it, and it was awesome. I talked with Coach Shafer and he told me to call him that night because he had some good news. I called him and then he told me they were going to offer and I was just like so happy that I couldn't put it in words."

Washington, 6-foot-0, 190 pounds heard about his offer from Orange defensive coordinator Scott Shafer and from that point to now the two have maintained a solid relationship.

"I have a good relationship with coach Shafer. I don't get to talk with him that much, but I have been speaking with him every couple of weeks. I call him a lot."

The three star prospect is not the only person who is fond of Coach Shafer. Coaches at other schools have asked Washington about who is recruiting him from Syracuse, when they find out it is Shafer they have nothing but good things to say.

"When other schools ask me who is recruiting me from Syracuse and I tell them Coach Shafer they always say nothing but good things. All I am hearing is good feedback about Coach Shafer."

Unfortunately the positive talk seems to end there when the other coaches are talking about Syracuse. Other coaches have talked about the current state of the program to try and sour the thoughts of Washington.

"At the time I got offered by Syracuse I was just thinking about college football and knowing that I am going to the next level. I never really had any initial thoughts about them because I was excited. After awhile when I started talking with all of the other college coaches, they were just like Syracuse doesn't have a good football team and all that, but I was like it doesn't matter. If you get the right players to come in and step in looking to change the program it can be done. All of the teams that are good now have not always been good and if you can get the right players in the system it could change the outlook of the team, it doesn't matter how they look right now."
During the middle of the football season is when Washington hopes to take his own look at the Syracuse program.

"I was on the phone with Coach Shafer the other day and we were actually talking about a visit. He wants to get me up to Syracuse in early November or late October."

As far as other visits go this summer the Sunshine state product has some visits in mind.

"Right now I am talking with my parents about a trip to South Florida, Wake Forest, and up to a Rutgers camp."

Wake Forest and South Florida have not offered yet, but he thinks they will soon as well as a couple other programs.

"I believe Maryland is on the verge of offering, Wake Forest, South Florida, and Minnesota."

When it comes time to take an in depth look at those schools and make a decision Washington has a few items he will be looking at.

"I am going to be looking for a school that can teach me what I need to know to go to the NFL and play in the NFL. I have to make sure they have my major, computer programming. I need to see about the living conditions at the schools like the dorm rooms and all that. Honestly I am the type of person that if I don't like how I would be living then I would have a problem with the school."

Once he finds a school that has all of what he is looking for he will make a commitment, but nothing will happen in the decision department for some time.

"I want to commit someplace before signing day so I can secure my spot, but I am not sure when I am going to. I will probably make my decision after the season."

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