June 21, 2010

Wisconsin speedster talks MSU offer

One of the reasons why Michigan State's football camp is such an important aspect of recruiting is every so often a player comes in under the radar and blows-up. That is what happened on Saturday when Trae Waynes of Bradford High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin stopped into East Lansing to show his stuff. SpartanMag.com spoke with the 6-foot-170-ound Waynes and go the details.

One aspect of the game that cannot be taught is speed and on Saturday, Trae Waynes was the fastest player on campus. He blistered the forty-yard dash at the Duffy Daugherty Complex, clocking a time which SpartanMag.com has not heard since Jeremy Orr was at camp. Earlier this spring Waynes clocked a 4.37 at the Nation al Underclass Combine which was a full tenth of a second faster than any other competitor at that event.

Waynes followed up the testing portion of the Spartan Camp with a very solid performance in both the drills and 7v7 portion. Not long afterwards he received some good news from the Michigan State staff.

"Yes they offered," Waynes stated. "I now have offers from Michigan State, Iowa State, Bowling Green, North Dakota and North Dakota State. The Michigan State Coaches said I was raw, but I have a lot of talent and they like that I am very coachable They said they think I would be a great fit there and hope I become a Spartan."

Waynes indicated that a positive aspect of attending camp is getting to know the coaches better. Coach Salem serves as his primary recruiter while Coach Barnett is the position coach. Coach Narduzzi is also actively involved as the defensive coordinator.

Waynes' size and speed allows him to match-up with wide receivers of all sizes in the Big Ten. He has the height to cover bigger wideouts and the speed to blanket the smaller shifty wideouts some teams like to use.

SpartanMag.com watched Waynes in the 7v7 drill portion and the quarterbacks just stayed away from his side often field. Thos that did test him did so on long ball and quickly found out that having a step on Waynes doesn't mean much once the ball is in the air. Waynes is a fine outfielder for the Bradford baseball team (Conference Champions) and it has certainly helped him in his ability to judge and close on the ball.

SpartanMag.com asked Waynes about his thoughts about Michigan State University.

"I love the coaches and everything about the place, Waynes said. "I didn't get to see all of the campus, but I really liked the facilities. My dad came out with me and he really liked everything about it too, especially the coaches."

Waynes indicate that he has been Michigan State once before. He was in East Lansing last fall when the Spartans defeated the Wolverines.

As far as future plans Waynes provided us with the following information.

"I am heading to Illinois this Wednesday and I plan on coming back to Michigan State on the 12th."

Their is a good chance that Waynes will bring his teammate Melvin Gordon with him when he returns. The Spartans have already offered Gordon and see him as a dynamic runner and pass receiver out of the backfield. Gordon has been listing the Hawkeye's as his leader, but has yet to visit Michigan State

As far as making a possible decision in the near future, Waynes informed SpartanMag.com that he could see himself in Green and White and when everything feels right he will make his selection. As most Spartan fans know, Mark Antonio does not pressure recruits into making a hurried selection. Because of that approach the Spartans have not had a single player de-commit in 3 years. Some schools routinely have de-commits and try and get kids to flip. That is not something that has happened in East Lansing under Coach Dantonio.

It would not be a surprise if Waynes picks up more offers in the near future. Coaches in the Big Ten know that Coach Dantonio was a former Defensive Backs Coach and he doesn't offer just anybody. Getting an offer at camp means he was thoroughly evaluated. SpartanMag.com will be sure to follow-up with Waynes in the coming weeks and report all the details on his recruitment.

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