July 23, 2010

Black Knights preparing for summer training camp



This has been one of the hottest summers in that region in some time and this year's recruiting class can add attribute resilience to their respective resumes. The incoming football players, along with all new cadets have been fighting the heat since June 29th and continue to maintain the course.

Adding to the challenge and one week after R-Day the freshmen players have participated in "mass athletics", whereby the players were up at the West Point campus at 5:30am today. The staff has had them four days a week and today is the last day before they head out to Buckner, because next week summer training camp begins.

Mass athletics is just a block of time for the student-athletes (new cadets) to get away from the corps and participate in with their respective athletic teams. When it comes to the football program, the staff uses the time to introduce some concepts, schemes, parts of practice and weight lifting techniques.

This morning, the circuit which the team does at the beginning of practice was taught. This way, when they arrive from BEAST, they will be able to hit the ground running

As the frosh players begin to move from Beast to Buckner to summer football camp, the former prep and current direct players are starting to come together, although surprisingly it was a few of the former USMAPS players that seem to be more challenged with Beast versus their direct counterparts.

Either way and as much as the coaching staff and fans don't like to see it happen, attrition is always part of the on-boarding process, even for recruited athletes.

However, we stated earlier that it has been and will be the resilience of the current group of freshmen who will cross the threshold from Beast to Buckner to practice in the effort of making their mark as Black Knights.

But make no mistake about it, the frosh players are ready to go. Albeit very early in the game, there are some players that have already past some of the preliminary eye test. Here are a few that come to mind.


Marcus McInerney who came in as a running back could play anyone of the linebacker positions, especially Mike & Rover. And as a running back he could translate well into those positions. Great feet, plays on the balls of his feet and he can move … it may just be a matter of picking up the defense.

Athlete Reggie Nesbit may surprise some folks. The 6-foot-4 prospect is now over 200 pounds and has been working out a little with the linebackers. He is long but moves smooth like a basketball player and that's the type of player you want in the defense.

Offensively speaking, newcomer Jonathan Crucitti has impressed early and is someone to keep an eye on. The dual-sport athlete is a very smart and talented football player.

As we mentioned in previous GBK articles, offensive lineman Shelby Jackson may add immediate depth up front and that feeling has not change.

Free safety Tyler Dickson also from the prep school can move and like Jackson, he could add depth to the secondary.

Running back Raymond Maples remains focused and the expectations remain high for the USMAPS product.

Another prep product is 6-foot-3, 220 pound defensive end Bobby Kough who has looked good. Kough has the potential to play any one of the positions up front.

These are just a few that have jumped to us, but the Real McCoy kicks-off when camp starts on the 31st, as the team moves into the Kimsey Athletic Center. Practice actually gets underway on the August 2nd.

Next week is all at Buckner for the current group of freshmen ball players.

With Mass athletics underway, the frosh players are acclimated … the first couple was to dip them in ice baths and leave them in there for an hour and get them off their feet. And the last couple of practices now that they have become more accustomed to what they are doing down at in the corp, the staff has introduced them to what practice is going to look like.

Today's was the first day they were lined up to get a feel of what practice will consist of although it was just a walk-through.

2010 & READY

2009 and 2010 Captain Stephan Anderson and All-American defensive end Josh McNary seem to be good to go for the 2010. When it comes to McNary, he hasn't missed a beat. The 6-foot-1, 225 pound defender looks great, moving great and has great attitude …. It's almost as if nothing happen to the senior defensive end.

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