August 5, 2010

Larkin Hearing From BC

For seventeen year old Shane Larkin, one question pops up to him all the time. Are you related to Barry Larkin?

"Yeah I get that all the time," Shane chuckled.

While the diamond was his father's home, the hardwood is Shane's natural habitat. Barry is completely fine with it.

"(My dad) is always supportive of me in whatever I want to do," Larkin said. "Every once in a while he will throw in a slick comment about baseball."

The young Larkin stopped playing baseball at the age of seven, while his father played shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds for almost two decades.

Larkin's game is smooth just like his father's was on the baseball field. Shane can score or penetrate to the hole and kick it out to open teammates. The guard uses his speed to his advantage as most players cannot stay in front of him for long. In addition, Larkin's decision making is excellent when he gets into the lane. On the defensive end, Larkin is "pesky" and can rattle a ball handler.

At the same time, Larkin is not as consistent with his on the ball defense as he would like. The rising senior wants to become more of a vocal leader on the court. His lack of size may weigh him down, yet his speed and decision making make up for it.

As for recruiting, Shane is taking the process slow up to this point.

"It's going pretty good. I don't have a list at this point but I have offers from Iowa, DePaul, Northeastern, George Mason, Alabama, South Florida, Florida State, Central Florida, Colorado, and Rice," said the 5'11", 150-pound point guard. "I'm also getting interest from Boston College, Wake Forest, Georgia, USC, Temple, Harvard, Nebraska, Clemson, UCLA, Kansas State, Miami, and Florida."

With hopes of compiling a list in August, Larkin has a variety of different options from all around the country.

Although the Boston College Eagles are involved, just how much are they recruiting Shane?

"I just spoke with the coaching staff before I went to the Super Showcase in Orlando," said the point guard from Dr. Phillips High School in Florida. "I don't know much about the school other then that it is in the ACC and who doesn't want to play in the ACC."

As the number 19th player in the class of 2011 plans to evaluate which schools are the most interested soon, he will "probably have a list of around ten schools and move down from there." At this point, Shane has no plans on when he would like to commit.

The amazing thing about Larkin is his determination to play for all the right reasons.

"I don't care about the rankings," he stated. "That stuff matters to some people but it doesn't matter to me. I just want to win and succeed." From that, fans and coaches can tell what kind of player they are getting in point guard Shane Larkin.

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