September 12, 2010

Scott saw it all at Ohio State

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During the past several years Ohio State head basketball coach Thad Matta has gone head-to-head with football coach Jim Tressel in the battle to show who is the more productive recruiter. Each coach applauds the success of his counterpart and while neither of them see it as a battle it is still a fun talking point on sports radio and on message boards as the Ohio State athletic programs are at an all-time high in national perception when it comes to recruits.

This weekend The Ohio State University played hosted to one of the biggest football games of the season but Matta was not going to let such a tremendous backdrop go away without using it for a big recruiting weekend for his basketball program. Class of 2011 guard Shannon Scott made the trip up from the Peachtree State and left very happy with a successful official visit to Columbus. The 6-foot-2, 175-pounder was the first commit in the class of 2011 for Matta and is currently rated as a four star.

"It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it up there and I know that is the place that I want to be at for the next four years so it is very good," Scott said of his time at Ohio State.

Scott was one of half a dozen or so basketball players to be on campus as more than a couple dozen football players were around the Horseshoe as well. Scott's visit lasted for longer than just the basketball game and he had the chance to do more during his time on campus.

"I spent a lot of time with the coaches on the visit," Scott said. "Usually throughout the day one of the coaches or multiple ones were around us and teaching us about the school and all of that."

Basketball visits are not all that different than football visits in many regards but there are some noticeable differences, other than being around different coaches obviously.

"I got to play with the team on Saturday morning and then go to the football game and then go out with the team after that so it was good," Scott said.

The complexion of the Ohio State basketball team will be different this year with the loss of Evan Turner to the NBA but Matta's team will welcome in one of the nation's top recruiting classes including Jared Sullinger and Scott was very impressed to get a chance to play alongside several of his future teammates.

"They are really young but you can tell all the hard work that they put in during the summer has made a big difference," Scott said.

Scott feels as if he has developed some strong ties with all of the members of the coaching staff including Matta. Most people will see Matta's on court demeanor or where his chewing gum comes falling out of his mouth on the floor during a heated stoppage of time during an Ohio State basketball game. Scott had to laugh that there is much more to his future coach than all of that.

"He is a real fun guy," Scott joked. "He can be a lot different than what you see on television, he is a lot of fun to be around."

Scott was joined by two other players making official visits as well but neither are committed. Sam Thompson out of Chicago (Ill.) is a four star guard who checks in at 6-foot-6, 200 pounds.
Mikael Hopkins is also a four star and is a forward out of Hyattsville (Md.).

"The whole time I was talking to Sam or Mikael because they are in my class and I tried hard to see where they were at with the whole process and I was working as hard as I can to get them to come here with me," Scott said.

And how did the recruiting efforts go on his part?

"With Sam he talks about it being between Ohio State and Florida so I keep pushing that a lot," Scott said. "With Mikael he said he likes it but wants to have other visits and all of that."

All of the basketball players were impressed with the scene at the 'Shoe and for many it was a first chance to see a game of any sports played in a venue of that size.

"It was a great experience for me and I have never been in any atmosphere like that in my life and it was a lot of fun for me and then watching them play Miami was really good and I enjoyed that a whole lot," Scott said.

Were there any doubts about Ohio State going into the trip and if so were they answered?

"I was already feeling everything there and I didn't need anything answered for me like that," Scott said.


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