October 2, 2010

Colonial Forge and QB Frohnapfel continue to roll!

Interview with Quarterback Blake Frohnapfel

First off, I know you made your unofficial visit to Marshall University this past weekend (9/25/10). Why don't you talk about your visit and how it went, Blake?

"Well, it was good. I actually got to see the coaches again. My mom has not seen it before so it was good for her to see everything. She just kept talking about how she knows I made the right choice and how she loves it there. It was great. I got to see the game, which I've never gotten to see a game there, obviously. It was definitely an exciting game to see. I was excited to do all of that and hopefully I get to do it again soon."

You told me you got to speak with Coach Holliday, Coach Legg, and Coach Ratliff. Why don't you talk about that experience a little bit Blake?

"Well, we were just taking a little tour and one of the assistants came and got us. We went on the field and talked to them. You know it was kind of a cool experience because we were down on the field with everybody. It was kind of funny because they were kind of picking on my brother (Eric) a little bit. It was kind of funny seeing that. It was definitely good talking to them. They seemed excited to see me and they're ready for me to get there. I feel the same way too, so it's definitely good."

Blake, I know at this point, you're a really good runner. Has Marshall talked to you about how good of a fit you are for their spread-option scheme they've started there?

"They actually haven't said much about it. Really I feel like the last game (Massoponax) I had a breakout game because I don't usually get that many carries. I feel like an offense like that, it fits me well because I'm a big kid, and I can throw the ball, but I'm not slow. I don't fit that typical pocket passer (mold). 'They're like okay, this kid must be slow.' I can run a little bit. I'm happy I'm going to be playing in that offense and it's definitely a good fit for me."

Why don't you talk about the type of offense your team runs at Colonial Forge Blake? Go ahead and talk about your offense a little bit Blake?

"Really, it's like a Wing-T. It's kind of like a Wing-T offense. It's kind of weird. I don't think you really call it Wing T, but it definitely works. It's a lot of misdirection. It keeps the defense off-balance all the time, because we've got a fullback smashing 'em in the mouth and the running back on the side. Tosses come outside too, so it's kind of tough to keep up with. I feel that with the athletes we have it suits our team very well. That's kind of why we've just scored 54 points three times. Really, we have great running backs and a good line. We really don't need to pass, because we average like eight yards a carry or something like that. My passing I only have 10 attempts one game, 8 attempts one game, seven, and then 16. 16 attempts is a pretty low season high." Update: Blake was 12-14 passing for 305 yards in tonight's (10/2/2010) Homecoming game against Albemarle High School, since the previous interview.

Has Colonial Forge always been a running-style team like this or did the coach kind of cater the offensive scheme to the personnel?

"When the school first opened, they had a coach that threw the ball like every play, but Coach Brown our coach now, he's been coaching forever. He's an old-fashioned guy and he does not want to pass unless he has to. That's kind of his mentality. We go through 7-on-7 passing league things at tournaments and stuff and we haven't lost in two years. I feel like we're definitely able to pass. (Laughs). That's just his style, he doesn't want to.

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