October 13, 2010

Up close and personal: Randle visits Stanford

With so much excitement and energy throughout the Stanford campus this weekend, it was a perfect time for Chasson Randle to make his long awaited visit to the Farm. The four-star point guard has been one of the key 2011 prospects for Coach Dawkins and his staff, and this weekend provided the opportunity for Randle and his family to get a better feel for life on the West Coast.

Randle and his family arrived in Palo Alto on Thursday night. On Friday, Randle and his family split up, with each getting to experience the different aspects and qualities that Stanford has to offer.

"After breakfast, my parents left and went on their tour of the campus and to meet with different people," the four-star point guard said. "I stayed with the players and watched the weightlifting session. After that, I went to a sports medicine class with Anthony Brown. It was a very interesting class and I learned a lot of good information. When the class was done, I went on my campus tour with Anthony and then just chilled out and played some video games at the dorms. That afternoon I watched some of practice and I got to scrimmage with the guys."

The final day of his official visit allowed for Chasson to meet with some key people on campus and see arguably one of the most exciting football games in recent Stanford history.

"On Saturday, we went and checked out the football tailgate they have setup," Randle told Cardinal Report. "During the afternoon I went and scrimmaged with the guys and got to meet Condoleeza Rice and Mark Madsen. I actually got to play with him and he actually can still dunk. Then we went to the football game, which was very exciting. It was amazing to see. The Red Zone was crazy and the fans were really into it. I didn't know USC and Stanford was such a big rivalry, but it was great. That night I just hung out with Josh Huestis and the guys on the team."

One of the main priorities for Randle on this visit was to get a good sense for the players on the team and how he would fit in with them. After spending a weekend with Brown, Huestis and the rest of the team, there is little doubt that it's a group of guys that Randle would be comfortable spending the next four years with.

"When I got on the court with them, that was the first time I met everybody," explained Randle. "Our chemistry was great. We really clicked both on the court and off the court. We were able to laugh and joke and they are all good guys. It was definitely a good visit with those guys."

In news that will make many Stanford fans mile, the four-star point guard had nothing but positive things to say about how his game meshed with some of the highly touted freshman currently in the program.

"With me being a point guard, it was really a lot of lobs being thrown to those guys," the Rock Island star said with a laugh. "Those guys can also step out and do some things on the perimeter, so that my job easy. I had a lot of assists, and at the same time, they let me get some shots up and drive to the basket."

Throughout his recruitment, Randle has emphasized that this would ultimately be a family decision. For this reason, it was very important for Chasson to have his mother experience everything Stanford offers. After spending the weekend on the campus, she certainly understands why her son is so high on the Cardinal.

"My mom, she really enjoyed the trip," Randle emphasized. "It was her first time ever being on the West Coast. She got a feel for the coaches and their families, which was something that she really wanted to do because she is going to send her son off somewhere and she wanted to know who he would be surrounded by."

While he already had a close relationship with the coaching staff, this official visit allowed for Randle to get a better understanding of what it would be like to be coached by Coach Dawkins and his staff.

"Watching practice, I was able to see some of their coaching tendencies. I also got to meet their families and learn more about their backgrounds. They really let me know their vision for me and how important they think I can be for their program. It was great seeing them and spending the weekend with them."

After a visit to Illinois this upcoming weekend, it will be time for Randle and his family to sit down and discuss where the best fit would be for him. While there isn't an exact recipe for what will influence his decision, Chasson knows what key factors will ultimately influence where he spends the next four years.

"I know the academics are there for each of the schools," the #18 point guard explained. "The key will be what school can best help me in the future, whether it's on the court or off the court. There will be plusses and minuses with each school that we will have to sit down and discuss. We are just going to have to sit down and try to figure it out and come to a conclusion."

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