October 15, 2010

Trudo headed back to SU for visit

Syracuse was the first program to offer Rob Trudo and this week he makes another return visit to see the Orange take on Pittsburgh. What is Trudo's mindset about the Orange as he heads into the trip?

"I am impressed with Syracuse. I think they are going through the recruiting process right," Trudo said. "They want me to commit, but at the same time they want me to take my time, not too much time though"

Since this is not the first visit to Syracuse for Trudo he is looking at this trip different as the other. He is also hoping his parents see more than they have in the past.

"This trip is more for me to see what the players are like and what the people are like. As far as the football and school that is more for my parents. I do want to see a little more about the academics as well," Trudo stated. "I am not looking for anything in particular I just like the overall feel up there I like that a lot."

On Rivals.com Trudo is listed as a defensive end, but if he picks the Orange they like him on the offensive line. His recruiting coach is Orange offensive line coach and his recruiting coach Greg Adkins. The player and the coach have developed a nice relationship.

"Coach Adkins and I talk all of the time. We have a very strong relationship."

One item that could set Syracuse apart from other schools was the fact that they pulled the trigger with an offer before any other school.

"Oh yeah that means a lot. They showed me that they trusted my ability. They did not care about who else offered or anything. They put it out there and that means a lot because they saw something in me. That is defiantly a plus being my first offer."

This week Trudo was only looking forward to his season and the Syracuse visit, but a few items came to light during the middle of the week. One of those items was an offer from Pittsburgh. Will the new offer change his thoughts on recruiting?

"It is good to have, but at that same time I wouldn't say I am disappointed, but I am just kind of thinking to myself what took so long. It might push my decision back because I may have to think of things more."

Not Only did Pittsburgh offer, but he also received another late offer.

"Iowa State offered me Wednesday. I have to take it into consideration. I will have to think about it."

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