October 16, 2010

Colonial Forge and Frohnapfel throttle Mountain View 35-7

It ain't easy being a Herd fan these days.

The sting from a blown 15-point 4th quarter lead against hated rival WVU still lingers.

As does the hurt from the Bowling Green debacle.

Back-to-back losses to C-USA East rivals So. Miss and UCF by combined scores of 76-30 didn't help, either.

About the only thing Herd fans can take solace in lately is the fact that Coach Doc Holliday and his staff have started piecing together what looks to be a very solid 2011 recruiting class - headlined by QB prospect Blake Frohnapfel.

HerdNation caught up with the 6'5" 220 pound senior after another dominating performance by his Colonial Forge Eagles (No. 6 in the latest Washington Post Area Top 25), this time after 35-7 thumping of Stafford County rival Mountain View.

Frohnapfel finished 6 of 10 for 129 yards and a pair of touchdown passes through the air to go along with a 12-yard touchdown run of his own.

Below is the interview.

Interview with QB Blake Frohnapfel

HerdNation: It looked like Mountain View did some things early in the game that caused you some trouble, especially on your first drive. What allowed you to turn your 0-3 start around?

Blake Frohnapfel: "It's really just about making adjustments. Our coaches saw some things we needed to change early on and after we got them fixed our offense got in a rhythm and we took off from there."

HerdNation: Did you get a chance to watch Marshall's game Wednesday night against UCF? What are your thoughts on the Herd's performance?

Blake Frohnapfel: "I watched the first quarter and a half and then a little bit after the weather delay but my parents made me go to bed before the game finished. Obviously it was a tough game but I know things are going to get better. We have a brand new coaching staff there but I really believe they will get things turned around. It just takes time."

HerdNation: A lot of Herd fans feel some current Herd QBs don't fit the type of offense Coach Holliday and his staff want to run. How do you feel you will fit into Marshall's zone option scheme?

Blake Frohnapfel: "I feel like it's a great fit for me. Obviously I play under center right now so it'll be an adjustment but I feel like I can be a playmaker in that system. I mean, I'm no Michael Vick but I can definitely make plays with my feet."

HerdNation: What do you have to work on the most between right now and the time you arrive in Huntington to be successful in Marshall's scheme?

Blake Frohnapfel: "Definitely reading secondaries. Right now our rushing attack is so good most teams put 8 or 9 guys in the box so when I do drop back to pass I'm either throwing to guys running wide open or to guys in single coverage. I know that won't be the case at the college level."

HerdNation: I noticed after your touchdown pass to your brother Eric the two of you did an unusual but subdued type of celebration where you shook hands. Where did that originate?

Blake Frohnapfel: "That's just something the two of us started doing a few years ago - almost as sort of a joke. But we kept doing it every time we scored and now it's sort of a tradition. We have fun with it."

HerdNation: Talk a little bit about your ability to carry out pass fakes on running plays. You look a little Bret Favre-ish out there.

Blake Frohnapfel: "(laughing) I know it looks a little dorky but it's something that's important to our offense so that's why I do it. Anytime I can get the defense to freeze just a little it gives our backs the advantage they need. So ya, it may not look great but it's pretty effective."

HerdNation: How has recruiting changed since you committed to Marshall back in July? Do other schools still call you?

Blake Frohnapfel: "A few schools still call me and send me stuff but I always tell them the same thing - I'm not interested. I'm going to Marshall and I've made up my mind."

HerdNation: So Marshall fans can stop worrying?

Blake Frohnapfel: "Yes sir. I'm going to Marshall."

Frohnapfel's stat totals after last night's win are impressive.

Not only has Blake rushed for 390 yards and 13 TDs, he's also thrown for 15 more through the air to go along with 1,100 passing yards.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the senior signal-caller has yet to throw an interception.

HerdNation will be sure to check in on Blake and his Eagles later this season as Colonial Forge continues its march towards its first ever state championship in football!

As always remember that HerdNation is your premiere source for Marshall football recruiting coverage!

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