October 21, 2010

Ameen-Moore enjoys visit

Jonny Miller picked the Orange last season and Nduka Onyeali had Syracuse in his final two. The Orange have a good relationship with Mullen High School in Colorado. Over this past weekend Adonis Ameen-Moore was on campus and it looks like the Orange are in position to land the Mullen running back.

"I had good thoughts going into the trip because of the staff, but now it has only furthered those thoughts. I like them a lot more now I like them a lot more than I already did."

Ameen-Moore, 5-foot-10, 215 pounds has established a great relationship with the coaches at Syracuse before he went on his trip. On his visit his favorite part was finally talking to them in person.

"My favorite part was just being with the team really and being able to talk with the coaches. It was nice to talk with Coach Marrone face to face and Coach Hackett face to face."

Once a player goes on their official visit they usually come away with certain items that stuck out to them. In this case the three star prospect did not have one part sticking out over any others.

"Everything was really good. I can't say that there was a certain thing that stuck out to me. I had a good time I like the school, I like the coaches, and I love how much work they put into the program."

When he was on his way to Syracuse he was unsure about the Syracuse fan base, but the Orange fans surprised him.

"I liked the support for the school that the people in the community have for them and the students," Ameen-Moore stated. "The Carrier Dome was rocking it was cracking all throughout the game even when they got down the fans were still into it."

During his visit Ameen-Moore was hosted by his former teammate Jonny Miller and the two former teammates had a great time.

"Jonny was my host. It was like a reunion because I haven't seen him in awhile so it was good to see him. I had a lot of fun."

Not only did he have fun with Miller, but he had a chance to talk with a lot of players and pick their brains about what they think about Syracuse.

"They were all just telling me how good of a coach Coach Marrone is and how honest he is. They also said that once you go there none of the coach's change they stay the same from recruiting to playing football there."

The question now is did Ameen-Moore think about committing to the Orange on his visit?

"It did creep into my head because I was having such a good time. Syracuse is one of my top choices so I mean of course it is going to creep into my head. I am still going to see some other colleges."

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