November 19, 2010

Frye taking talents to UVa

Though he will not be on scholarship at UVa next year, Bristol (Va.) Virginia kicker Ian Frye is excited about his future in Charlottesville.

The incoming recruit has a big leg and could have a big impact on the program, even though he won't be arriving with as much fanfare as some other football players.

Kickers have a tough job on the football field. They are often on the sidelines for long periods of time before being called on to perform in high-pressure situations that have huge impacts on the outcome of games.

When they succeed at their given task, there may be momentary glory, but that is relatively fleeting.

Fans, and sometimes coaches, seem to have much longer memories when it comes to a kicker's failures.

Frye, a 6-foot-6, 190-pound senior from Bristol, started kicking on the football field as a freshman in high school.

Like so many other kickers, Frye got his start on the gridiron after excelling as a soccer player. He always had the biggest leg on his soccer team, and as a rabid football fan he wanted to see how he fared in that sport as well.

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