December 2, 2010

Addazio reflects on SU visit

In Syracuse New York in the late nineties Donovan McNabb was leading the Orange to Bowl games. While that was going on there was one Orange fan who watched those games and he is now looking forward to playing in the Carrier Dome himself. That player is Louie Addazio who recently made a trip to Syracuse to watch a game in the Dome for the first time in over ten years.

"It was great, I met some of the commits and I had a great time in the Dome," Addazio said. "It was great and the atmosphere was a lot better than I expected it to be. At one point the Dome was getting real loud like old times it was really exciting."

Addazio, 6-foot-3, 225 pounds was used to the Dome being packed and even though it is not exactly the way he remembers the fans he thinks they are coming back.

"The fan support stuck out, there was a lot more fan support than I expected to see. People were tailgating and all people could talk about the night before was the game the next day. It was cool. When I was younger they had McNabb and all them, it was always rocking back then. I could tell though that it is getting back to its old form. "

Besides being back in the Carrier Dome for a game there was one other part that stuck out for the Sunshine State prospect.

"My favorite part was probably right before the game when I had a chance to talk with Coach Marrone," Addazio stated. "We were just talking about how the future is looking real bright for Syracuse and this recruiting class. We are getting a bunch of great guys in and I know I am going to love my four years there."

During the football game Addazio was able to meet two fellow commits and the prospects hit it off.

"I talked with Tyree Smallwood and Sam Rodgers when I was at the game. We just talked about our class coming in and hope we do well."

The Addazio household has one of the nation's top recruiters in Louie's father Steve Addazio. In some cases this year they have gone head to head for a recruit. Is there a friendly father son competition going on at home?

"The recruiting is funny, my dad wants the best for Syracuse and he always talks up Syracuse whenever they come up. We don't talk much about recruiting because we both know if we went head to head he would crush me."

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