December 3, 2010

Hale en route to SU

This season Syracuse looked to be deep at the wide receiver position, but after a few injuries that changed. In recruiting this season adding depth to the receiver position was important and the Orange did that. One receiver prospect that they picked up is Keenan Hale.

Hale, 6-foot-3, 185 pounds picked the Orange without taking a visit to Syracuse, this weekend will be his first trip to see his college.

"This is my first visit there, I am really just looking forward to meeting a lot of the players and coaches. I just want to get a feel for the environment, but mostly it is just seeing the coaches and players."

This may be his first visit to Syracuse, but since he committed he has paid a lot of attention to his future team.

"It was real good season . A friend of mine who also committed to Syracuse, Louie Addazio, we were talking on facebook about how it is such a great time to be headed up to Syracuse. Especially with they have been winning, the West Virginia game was a big game and they played well against other teams."

When Hale picked the Orange he knew the program was turning around, but he did not expect anything to happen as fast as it did.

"I did not know that they would have this good of a season. I thought they were going to have a decent season, but they did surprise me in a lot of these games. Now that they have a bowl game this year I am looking forward to going to a couple in the next few years."

While Hale was watching Syracuse play he also kept an eye on his fellow wide receivers to see how they go about their game.

"I usually look for the receivers and how they run their routes, so I can try and manipulate different things and concepts. I look at how I will need to improve to help the team out when I get up there."

Since the receiver prospect picked the Orange his recruiting has not stopped and he thinks it might even step up in a few weeks.

"Air Force tried really hard to get me to come over there besides them, Duke, and Arkansas there has been nothing major. I think after my all star game that's coming up a few more schools might come around."

Despite all the extra interest Hale has no plans to break his word with Syracuse.

"I am still set on Syracuse I am not changing my decision at all."

During the season that just ended his team did not have the best year, but Hale was pleased with his season.

"This football season, our team did not play as well as we could have in a lot of games and we should have won a lot more. Overall for myself I did extremely well. This season I ended up with 810 yards only on 50 catches and there were four games where I did not even get the ball, so I feel pretty good about my numbers."

Now that his season is over he has had people talking to him about Syracuse and outside of the weather there have been great conversations.

"People just basically tell me to bring warm clothes. That is really what people talk to me about when it comes to Syracuse. Other than that people are excited about it and they tell me that it is a good school in a good conference and now they have TCU, people talk about that. The one thing I do get asked about more than anything though is the climate."

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