December 22, 2010

FLA DE high on Syracuse

Florida has been one state that has been very kind to the Syracuse Orange this year and there could be more good new coming out of the Sunshine State. Travis Turner from North Miami Beach was up at Syracuse recently and loved his trip.

"It was a real good visit. They showed me love up there and basically spoiled me. It was a good visit."

Turner, 6-foot-4, 240 pounds was hosted by another defensive end, Brandon Sharpe. At first the two did not talk much, but the conversation picked up as the visit went on.

"My host was Brandon Sharpe. When I first met him he was really quiet. I could tell that he did have a lot to say though when we were out, but when we were one on one he spoke his mind and opened up. The communication between us was better I think than anybody else up there."

After talking with Sharpe and meeting everybody on his visit the comfort level was perfect for Turner.

"My favorite part was that there was just so much love. I felt like I was at home."

At his home the thought of snow is far from his mind, but on this trip it was a big deal.The snow could scare a lot of prospect from Florida away, but not Turner.

"I couldn't believe I was seeing snow and when I first saw it I ran into it. I was actually proud that I could leave home and go see some place with snow and the college that I might be going to."

While on the trip Turner talked with both players and coaches. With the players he talked about the Orange coaches. When he spoke with the coaches he did a lot of the listening as they told him how much they want him at Syracuse.

"We talked about the defense and how the coaches are. We talked about how the coaches were with everybody, questions like that nothing really special.

"The coach I spoke with the most was Coach Shafer and he was telling me how much he would like to have me at defensive end."

Besides the snow and the people at Syracuse there was one other part of the visit that surprised Turner.

"The food stuck out. How I got treated for breakfast was what spoiled me. Their weight room was outstanding to. The weight room was nice because they have trainers that work with you, so you are just not going in there on your own."

After his visit what does he think about Syracuse?

"I can really see myself going there and I see myself playing for them. Right now though I have to go check out my other schools and see what they have to offer."

There are only two other programs in the race for Turner right now.

"My top three are Florida International, Syracuse, and Western Michigan."

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