December 24, 2010

Addazio talks future

The first commitment of the 2011 recruiting class for Syracuse was Louie Addazio. Only weeks before he heads to Syracuse some opportunities arose with his family, Louie's father Steve Addazio recently became the Head Football Coach at Temple University. Could this new opportunity lead Addazio away from the Orange?

"I am staying with Syracuse. It is time for me to start my own path and my parents understand that."

Did the older Addazio even try to get his son to flip schools?

"No, he did not even ask because he knew I was set with Syracuse. He was not going to try and sway me in any way."

With the family receiving an early Christmas present it has also made the last week a bit hectic for the family.

"It has been pretty crazy, we were in Philadelphia yesterday and we just got back about thirty minutes ago. We were up there for my Dad's press conference, it was pretty hectic. Everybody is excited and really pumped to see my Dad get what he deserves."

Despite the great news for the Addazio family there has been some trash talk between the father and son. With both Louie and his Dad in the northeast they will hear a lot about each other and maybe in time see each other on the gridiron. If they do end up playing the younger Addazio seems confident of what will happen..

"The trash talk has already begun, but we all know which Addazio will end up on top."

With his status at Syracuse solidified the tight end prospect also talked about his visit to Syracuse a couple weeks back.

"It was great I loved every minute of it. I met a lot of people I saw the campus one more time before I get ready to go because I will be enrolling in January," Addazio said. "I talked with a lot of the commits that were there and I talked with [Kevin] McReynolds a little bit. He was talking about all of the schools he is still looking at I did try to recruit him a little bit, so we will see what happens."

During the recruiting process Addazio has tried his best to help Syracuse recruit. He feels since he was the first to jump on the wagon this recruiting season he owes it to Syracuse.

"Absolutely, they gave me a football scholarship and it is the least I can do. You want to have the best class you can have."

This past week Addazio landed his biggest commit as an Orange as he help secure the commitment of Adonis Ameen-Moore.

"I have not spoken with Adonis yet, I have been real busy. I was going to Facebook him later. It is awesome we were all working on him and now we have that big time running back on board."

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