January 25, 2011

TE Rakim Reed officially commits to Marshall

This past weekend was one that brought Marshall football fans one of the biggest suprises of their 2011 recruiting class.

While the commitment of Colonial Forge tight end Eric Frohnapfel stunned many following MU football, it was quickly followed by one of the least suprising commitments of the 2011 recruiting class.

Three-star tight end Rakim Reed out of Timken Senior High School (Canton, Ohio) made it official on Sunday morning and committed to Marshall University's coaching staff to play football.

It certainly wasn't any secret he was going to commit to Marshall University because the Thundering Herd had long been his clear cut favorite.

Another obvious sign was that he announced on his Facebook page he was going to commit to the Herd on his visit to Huntington.

Nicknamed "Roc", Reed chose Marshall over offers from Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

While his commitment to Marshall University was expected for quite some time, that's not to downplay his exploits on the gridiron.

Blessed with a super soft set of hands, the talented tight end has the ability to make the acrobatic catch.

He's also extremely good at using his body to shield the defender away from the football.

The Ohio native is also blessed with tremendous size at 6'4, 210 pounds.

If a quarterback lobs up a jump ball in his direction, chances are "Roc" will come down with it.

His oustanding vertical jump allows him to outjump opposing defensive backs and linebackers in the secondary.

As a senior, Reed didn't see much action on the football field since he broke the fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot.

The injury occurred three games into the season and forced him to sit out the rest of the year.

Not to worry, the injury didn't require surgery and he's been back to 100 percent ever since the start of basketball season.

A dual-sport star, Reed also uses his tremendous to spring off the ground as a basketball player for Timken.

He told HerdNation that a few different Division I-A basketball teams were interested in his services such as Wisconsin, Akron, and Kent State.

Reed will grayshirt and enroll at MU in January of 2012 which means that his scholarship will count in the 2012 recruiting class.

In a interview with CantonRep.com on YouTube, Reed talked about his brush with greatness was when he got to meet Tom Brady and Braylon Edwards.

If Marshall football fans have their way, Reed will someday fulfill his dreams of joining them in the NFL.

The talented tight end becomes the 27th member of Marshall's 2011 recruiting class.

HerdNation caught up with the dual-sport standout to talk about his commitment to MU, basketball, and how he got the nickname "Roc", among other topics.

Below is the interview.

Interview with Timken Senior Tight End Rakim Reed

HerdNation: First off Rakim, talk about your visit to Marshall and what made you finally decide to commit on Sunday.

Rakim Reed: "Well when I got there, the coaches were so, so happy to me. I was happy to see them. The time there, even though I was only there for a day, day and a half, it seemed like I was there the whole weekend. I had a blast. They fed me good. They just feed you tremendously. Wow. I probably think I gained about five pounds when I was there. They set me up with another tight end I was there with. He was hosting me and showed me around and stuff. His name was C.J. (Crawford). But he was cool. I met some of the offensive linemen and some of the d-backs and the quarterback. It was fun. They treated me like I was already one of their brothers. They were telling me it was a nice place and everything. I just felt like I was at home already. So that's what made me decide that I was gonna go there."

HerdNation: What was Coach Smith's reaction when you committed to him?

Rakim Reed: "He was happy. He was real happy. Before I committed we went to this little game place. We were playing air hockey and I beat him. He said he hadn't been beaten in a game in a year and a half. I beat him so he said he let me win because he wanted me to commit. Supposedly that's why he let me win. But I beat him and after I committed to him he was happy. Coach Ratliff was happy. They talked to my mom and everything. It was just nice."

HerdNation: You mentioned Coach Ratliff, Rakim. Talk about being able to have him as a position coach over the next couple of years.

Rakim Reed: "Well it seems like it's going to be nice. He's a cool dude. He's always treated me with respect. I just believe he's gonna be a good coach and get me (ready) for the season.

HerdNation: Talk about basketball Rakim and how much you enjoy playing that.

Rakim Reed: "Oh basketball is fun. Actually, my passion was basketball first. Until I took it in last year and decided that this football thing was just going to be it for me. Because I actually loved basketball first."

HerdNation: How long have you been playing football for Rakim?

Rakim Reed: "I've been playing football since I was about five years old or so. When I was five I was playing flag football."

HerdNation: When was the moment Rakim when you knew you were going to have a chance to be a Division I-A football player?

Rakim Reed: "Well I really don't even have an answer for that. I always prayed to God that I was going to be able to go to (D-I-A) football and it happened--one more miracle. I was praying to God and it just happened."

HerdNation: Talk about the different players you got to hang out with on your visit.

Rakim Reed: When I went there I was hanging around with C.J. (Crawford)--he's a tight end, he's a redshirt tight end. He was real cool. I got to hang out with Christopher Alston. He's a cool dude. He's real quiet like you said, but he's cool. LeVern (Jacobs)--he's just a funny, funny person. The big dude from D.C.(Jamar Lewter)--he's cool. It was just real nice. Everybody treated me like we were already family there."

HerdNation: What was your favorite part of the visit, Rakim?

Rakim Reed: "Going to the basketball game. We went to the basketball game--there was a timeout called. The crowd had written a couple of the players names on the signs. For instance for my name it said, 'Rakim--the Herd wants you.' The crowd was like, 'We want you! We want you!' It was exciting. It was nice. It was really nice."

HerdNation: What do you think is the biggest thing you need to work on as a football player, Rakim?

Rakim Reed: "Well, just getting my speed up here. They told me I was going to be playing slot receiver. So basically getting stonger and getting my speed up."

HerdNation: They told you that you were gonna play slot receiver?

Rakim Reed: "Yeah, that and tight end because they run the spread. They want a tight end that can be able to split out and create mismatches a lot on the field. I would be playing both at all times."

HerdNation: Let's say you can travel anywhere in the world before you die Rakim--one place. What's that one place gonna be and why?

Rakim Reed: "Well I would like to go to Paris. I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower."

HerdNation: Why Paris?

Rakim Reed: "Just to leave the country. Just to see what all is in the world."

HerdNation: Tell everybody how you got the nickname "Roc", Rakim.

Rakim Reed: "Well I got my name when I was little and playing football. My dad gave it to me. I was always bigger than everybody on the football field and there wasn't anybody moving me. So he was just like, 'I'm gonna call you "Roc". So that's how I got my nickname."

HerdNation: Anything else you would like to say to all the Marshall fans out there Rakim?

Rakim Reed: "I love the school and I can't wait to be one of the Herd."

A standout player on the Timken Senior basketball team, Rakim Reed is averaging over 15 points and 10 rebounds per game this season.

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