January 26, 2011

Desir closes in on decision

Syracuse only has a couple slots left to fill in the class of 2011 and one of those spots could be meant for Ritchy Desir. The process is not ready to come to a close just yet for the prospect.

"When I make my decision I make my decision. I am not really trying to rush into it. I know I have a couple days left, when I feel that I have the right school for me I will announce my decision."

That decision for Desir will come down to a few schools and he talked briefly about what he likes when he thinks of each of them.

Florida International: "I like the coaching staff down there and the players on the team. They are easy to get along with. The players and the coaches also give good advice."

Syracuse: "I like the coaches they are very outgoing, easy to get along with, friendly, and stuff like that."

Western Michigan: "I had a chance to hangout with some people who played at my school before me. They are very cool people."

One of Desir's teammates Travis Turner picked Western Michigan. Will that impact his decision at all?

"It is not. He is his own man and he made his own decision. I have to make my own decision."

There is one more school also making a last push for the three star prospect and he made a visit to that school this past weekend.

"I like West Virginia they are pretty cool," Desir said. "The trip up there was good. I had a chance to hang out with the players and the coaches are pretty cool. All of the players are cool and all of the coaches are pretty cool and I get along with everyone. I feel comfortable with all of them."

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