February 10, 2011

Getting to know: Lake Gibson RB Remi Watson

Getting to know: Remi Watson

Without a doubt, Remi Watson is one of the gems of this class. blah blah blah Wade add some dynamite motha fucking shit here...

Below is the first in our series of "Getting to know you" features which we've been running on the members of Marshall's 2011 recruiting class.

Position: Running back
Lakeland (Florida) Lake Gibson
Current size: 5-11, 195 pounds

Rankings/Ratings: Watson was a Rivals.com three-star, 5.5 rated recruit.

All You Wade if Watson received any postseason honors down in FLA

Other schools offering scholarships: Georgia Southern, Ohio, South Florida, UCF, Western Kentucky.

Thoughts and opinions:

Who is your favorite football player of all-time?

"Michael Vick."

What is the best football team you've ever seen?

"I've seen a couple great teams."

An up close and personal look:

What has been the most memorable moment on the football field so far in your career?

"My first playoff game ever in my junior year when I ran for 227 yards and 3 touchdowns."

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment playing football?

"Not that I can think of."

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

"Yes; iPod and isolation."

Thoughts on Marshall:

What position will you be playing at Marshall?

"Running back."

Are you expecting to redshirt your first year at Marshall?


What will you bring to Marshall as far as a strong point?

"Versatility. I can run the ball with Speed and Power. I can catch really well. I can also return kickoffs."

What is the one thing you need to work on to play at the next level?

"Pass blocking."

How often do you work out and what is your routine?

"2 or 3 times a week. No specific routine."

Personal preferences:

What do you do in your spare time?

"Listen to music, play video games, and chill with my girlfriend."

What food do you like the best?

"Soul food."

What is your favorite television show?

"Family Guy or Law & Order: SVU."

Do you have a favorite movie?

"Scarface or The Hangover."

What's your favorite song or musical artist?

"My favorite rapper is Webbie & Lil' Boosie, with a little Wiz Khalifa."

Do you have a nickname?

"R.J, Jay, or Pookie."

What is something nobody knows about you?

Do you have a major picked out yet?

"Mass Communications."

Have you met all of the academic requirements to enroll at Marshall?


A look at the recruiting process:

What one thing was the determining factor in your picking Marshall?

"The environment around the program, and the communities love for the program."

Did the Marshall coaches do anything unique in their recruiting?

"They were just themselves and were very friendly."

Is there a Marshall coach that you feel especially close to?

"Coach Ja'Juan Seider & Doc Halladay."

Did you make friends with any current players at Marshall or incoming freshmen during the process? Who and what did you like about him/them?

"Donald Brown, Josue Joseph, and Jacquez Samuel. They're all just good all-around people."

What school would you have chosen if you hadn't decided in favor of Marshall?

"Georgia Southern."

The future and goals for Marshall and beyond:

What number would you like to wear at Marshall?

"No. 5."

What is your goal for this year?

"Start or have solid playing time as a freshmen."

Are you planning to attend the Green-White spring game?


Would you like to say anything to the Marshall fans?

"I hope they are excited as I am about next season, and i'm ready to come up to Huntington."

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