May 20, 2011

Moore thrilled with offer from Black Knights

It doesn't matter if Bennett Moore is playing linebacker or fullback, one thing is certain and that is if you are wearing a jersey that doesn't say Northwest High School, you better be on the lookout for #9, because he will hit you …. And hit you hard.

"I'm a straight forward player … I read it fast and try to hit as hard as possible," says Moore.

At 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, the aggressive and enthusiastic prospect who has plenty of upside and clearly it is his current style of play, along with his potential that has caught the attention of the Army coaching staff.

But trust me, the feeling is mutual on the part of hard hitting linebacker out of Wichita (Ka).

"I received the offer about 3 weeks ago from Army and then Coach Mumford came down and talked to me about it," Moore shared with

"It's my first offer and it feels good. Hopefully it will bring in some more."
Like most prospects, that first offer has a special place in a recruit's heart and it represent a moment that one will hold onto for years to come. And Moore is no different, but his initial excitement was coupled with some degree of pessimism.
"I was skeptical at first to be honest, because I didn't know if I wanted to make a commitment like that," says Moore in a moment reflection. "But when Coach Mumford came down and talk to me, there were a lot of things I didn't know about playing at Army and attending West Point … it is a great opportunity."
So is Moore considering taking a visit to Army? "Yes, Coach Mumford said to call him for an unofficial, but I am going to wait for an official just because of the cost factor, but I will be visiting," says Moore, who understands that an appointment into West Point is about the true "student-athlete".

"They (Army) said on the phone that to get into West Point direct that I need at least a 24 on my ACT and I have a 23, so I would probably have to go to the prep school," he states.

Although the Black Knights are recruiting him as a linebacker, Moore indicated that this upcoming season, he may be more of a hybrid defender.

"For my high school this year I'm putting my hands down and some schools like that," Moore says of his new role.

According to Moore, outside of Army, the schools showing him the most interest are TCU, who has been in heavy contact with him, along with Air Force who has reach out a lot lately and Kansas.

The prospect from Kansas is just not satisfied with where he is as a player and spends plenty time preparing to get his game to that next level.

"On the linebacker side I have been watching Patrick Willis and on the defensive side, I study Dwight Freeny," he declares. "I like the style of Patrick Willis and once the ball is snap, he just attacks and hits hard."

"I have the work ethic …. For some players it's just about getting better, but for me, it's fun for me to work out, along with getting better." will continue following the recruiting of Moore throughout the summer and his senior season.

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