January 24, 2012

Quieting the Critics

They say they don't pay attention. They say they don't hear it. But they do.

"Obviously we're not deaf. We hear what people say," Marcus Denmon said. "Every time it's what a team, in particular us, can't do. It's never what we can."

What Denmon and his running mates on the Missouri basketball team supposedly can't do has been well-documented. They're so small, they can't hold up against the bigger teams. They only have seven guys, they can't avoid getting worn out. They can't rebound, they can't shoot this well all season, they can't win on the road. Hell, they just can't keep doing what they're doing.

Missouri is now 18-and-1. It is ranked second in America. Two Associated Press voters thought enough of the Tigers to leapfrog them all the way to No. 1 after a not-really-that-close 89-88 win at then-No. 3 Baylor. At some point, it has to be time to start talking about what the Tigers can do.

"Exactly. It has to be," Denmon said. "We've been playing the same way, starting the same unit every game this season and we understand and we continue to work on what we have."

The left unsaid part of that sentence is that the Tigers have long since quit worrying about what they don't have.

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