August 8, 2012

Media Day: Center Ryan Powis is anxious & ready

For all the players, getting back into the swing of things, starting with Media Day along with a shell practice this afternoon is like the first day of elementary school for a youngster.

Yes, it can range from the smell of locker room, the feel of the turf, putting on the game day uniform, but more importantly ... just coming together for the first time officially as a unit.

"I feel great and it feels great seeing all the team and ready to get back into the season," says sophomore center, Ryan Powis. "We have been working all winter and spring, it's time to show what we worked for."

The native of Midlothian (Va.) says that he and his partners up front are anxious to get it going, despite suffering a pre-season setback. at 6-foot-, 250 pounds.

"We have great camaraderie and yes it was a big lost, with the lost of Matt Villanti," shares Powis. "But we have other people who can and will step in. We have great depth with people like Steve Shumaker who can step up and take the place of Matt. Between working with each other last year and players relationship from prep school we have a good group of guys.... I'm looking forward to it."

One could argue, that Powis, who is only a sophomore is the mainstay of a very competent offensive line, who also has an outstanding offensive guard as part of the group, in senior Frank Allen.

The 6-foot-1, 250 pounder was named as a pre-season candidate for the Rimington Trophy Award which an honor given annually to the top center in the country. Powis took a moment to provide his perspective on being considered for the award itself.

"It makes me feel great realizing that people are recognizing that, but in reality is that I'm not trying to over think that or I don't want to get a big head or anything," shared Powis, who also noted that he hopes to
back top 255-260 pounds which was his playing weight from last season.

"I just kind of play the game how I've done all along and anything comes out of that, then great. But other than that, just kind of play the game like I always have."

Army fans know the accomplishment of the offense in 2011, which was a team that lead the nation is rushing and many observers feel that accomplishment could be duplicated this upcoming season. Clearly that says a lot about the backfield, but without question says a lot more about the guys up front ... the offensive line.

Powis shared with about the pride factor relative to the rushing numbers from 2011 and the potential this year.

"If there is one thing that is kind of unspoken and the work we do, well the rushing yards kind of speaks for itself," he adds. "We never go into a situation and say we are going to put up so many yards ... it happens and that is kind of our reward. As a lineman, you don't get much glory, but when you lead the country in rushing that is kind of our reward. That's what we are aiming for and are going play ball how we do."

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