October 5, 2012

Multiple Choice: Monken's playbook

Oklahoma State's offense is the furthest thing from being labeled "old-school".

Most of the Cowboy fans grew up watching Mike Gundy, Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas run a ground-and-pound attack, but now they're watching an air it out, spread attack from the men in orange.

But it's even deeper of an attack than most people can grasp, especially if they haven't played football in a spread-style offense to some extent.

Oklahoma State's offense is so insanely confusing that, believe it or not, offensive coordinator Todd Monken doesn't often call plays that are straight-run or pass plays.

"We can throw the ball or run it," Gundy said. "Very seldom do we ever call a play where he just hands off the ball or throws it."

"Probably less than five-percent of the time do we ever just call a play."

The perfect example of Monken's offense is Walsh's big run during the fourth quarter of last Saturday's game. Walsh had three options built into the play: He could throw a screen to Randle on the right, hand off to Kye Staley on a dive, or run it himself.

He chose the last option and broke it for a huge gain that put the Cowboys in great position to score.

"We had done it earlier in the game and (the defense) went zone, so that tells him to throw it." Monken said. "We finally got back to it and I told him I don't care what they do, I want you to run it. They ended up busting on their coverage, but it's a pretty safe play. You have a chance to explode but you also don't have a high risk of turning it over."

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