June 17, 2013

Hines impressed with UNC

Fedora's Freak Show gave some of UNC's top football targets a chance to shine under the bright lights of Kenan Memorial Stadium and in front of the coaches and fellow player participants.

With family and friends looking on, many of these players got a chance to see what the next step in their football journey will be like and for one 2015 prospect, that journey will hopefully include a trip to the NFL.
2015 athlete Nyheim Hines from Garner (N.C.) clearly has an eye on making it to the highest level of football and will be looking for a school that can help him reach that goal.

"I want to go to a place where I'm most successful," said Hines. "It doesn't really matter if I liked the place as a kid. It won't have a say with whether I go there or not."

Hines, having grown up in the triangle area, favored certain local schools when he was watching football on T.V. in his younger years.

But he's made it clear that any past allegiances to schools he liked growing up won't have an effect on his college decision.

Before stepping on the field for Fedora's Freak Show, Hines and his family were able to tour the facilities and get a feel for what life might be like as a Chapel Hill football player.

"I actually got there earlier. UNC let me take a tour of the whole field house. I saw the weight room and the sport's medicine room," said Hines. "The place where they like to show all the people that they've sent pro and things of that nature.
"It was great. At least I know if I go there they have a history of sending people to the league. Hakeem Nicks, this year they just had Giovani Bernard. He got drafted in the second round but he was the first running back taken off the board. They had a first round draft pick, Johnathan Cooper. So I know they have a history of sending people to the league."

Once the players took the field and started putting in work on the fields, Hines' favorable impression of the event and the coaching staff that put on the event grew stronger.

"I really liked what happened there. There were really great drills that I've never done that I can probably use to make my footwork better if nothing else," said Hines. "It was just a really great experience, especially going into the player's lounge with some of the players.

"Meeting the rest of the coaching staff. You know how energetic the coaching staff is. Every time a big play would happen they would cheer and get excited and just be passionate about the game. If I were to go there that would be a place that would accept nothing but the best."

Hines believes that will be the last camp he chooses to attend this summer because he's looking to focus on his summer track season.

But before his visit to Chapel Hill Saturday night, Hines also attended Duke and N.C. State's camps.

"I went to the Duke camp, the Carolina camp and I went to the N.C. State camp but I didn't actually participate. I just went to hang out with the coaches and a few of their players," said Hines. "I really like Duke. I know it's a great facility and I'll get a great education if I go there. I know coach Cutcliffe he has a history. He's not a slouch. He's sent people to the league outside of Duke. He's sent people like Peyton Manning and Eli Manning and they bring people back all the time. I know Victor Cruz and Wes Welker and people of that nature."

Hines also had an early impression of the Wolpack that he was willing to provide from his camp experience there.

"I don't know much about the new Wolfpack coach Dave Doeren. I know Des Kitching is a really great coach," said Hines. "I know Doeren wants to turn the program around and this will be his first year so he's trying to make the best impression he can. I've been a State fan growing up so I know they just want to win."

Hines has taken mental notes of how each coaching staff differs from one another, and he admits that they are all unique in their own way.

Since the Carolina visit was the most recent during his conversation with Tar Heel Illustrated, he shared some more extensive thoughts about UNC's coaching staff.

"Each coaching staff is way different. Carolina, there all energetic. Last night, especially the wide receiver and defensive back one-on-one's, they were all screaming and excited whenever a big play happened," said Hines. "Coach Larry Fedora, he's a strange one. He's different I guess. I like it though but he's pretty cool. I really coach Jordan. He's the man. He's just a great guy to be around, very energetic. Their all different."

At the end of Fedora's Freak Show, the UNC coaching staff used a friendly game of dodge ball between as a way to cool down after the night's camp session.

The game served as a fun way to wrap things up but also sent a message to Hines about what kind of coaching staff he would be getting should he ultimately decide to go to North Carolina.

"I really wanted to hit coach Randy Jordan. I now know that those coaches can't really catch or throw that great. It was really fun," said Hines. "It was a great thing to do for the camp because you've got the coaches yelling at the kids and doing things like that. When you see your coach do things with you it allows you to have a greater bond because you know they can do things with you instead of just yelling at you and telling you what to do all the time."

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