October 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap: Ball State Edition

UVa got beat on Saturday by a more seasoned team and one that executed at a high level. That much isn't really up for debate. The part that is, though, centers on if it should have happened at all.

A week ago, two turnovers led directly to Pittsburgh's 14 points. Against Ball State, three turnovers led directly to 17 points. Though the margin of victory was more than that, it's hard to think that the game wasn't decided by those takeaways and what the Cardinals did with the opportunities provided by them.

In the 48-27 loss, not only did the Cavaliers (2-3) manage to produce more offense than they had previously against FBS competition in 2013 (459 yards) but an otherwise impressive defense allowed some 506 on its home field. To put that in context, Ball State posted about 50 total yards less than No. 2-ranked Oregon put several weeks back.

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