October 30, 2013

Ideas for 2014

With four games remaining there are still opportunities for Arkansas to become bowl eligible, but based on their play this season it is a long shot. It is always fun to look ahead, so how can Arkansas get bowl eligible in 2014?

One can get in trouble for making assumptions and predictions, however these ideas will be given no consideration by the ones who are accountable for getting this team on track. These opinions are based off five practices that were made available to the media, eight games that were seen in person and later dissected on video. They were also formed by what has been heard and by getting a little creative with the roster in an effort to get the best 22 players on the field…even if some of it may be a little far-fetched in they eyes of the coaches.

Above anything else, the attitude and expectations of the team must change. Tuesday after talking to the offensive players, they seemed more motivated heading into this weekend's Auburn game. They may not get bowl eligible, but it is important to finish this season out with better performances than they have had the last two weeks. Arkansas looks bad right now, and next year it looks like there aren't many answers, but plenty of teams over the years have had massive turnarounds in a short time...

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