May 24, 2014

Comparative Analysis: Isaiah Ford

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PROSPECT ANALYSIS: wide receiver Isaiah Ford, Trinity Christian (Jacksonville, FLA) Committed October 25, 2013 (three stars), ranked 61st in Florida

In an effort to bulk up the wide receiver talent pool in Blacksburg, the Hokies signed a few players that may pay big dividends down the road. Cameron Phillips is one, and Isaiah Ford is another one that fits the bill.

The 6-2 frame of Ford is the most intriguing aspect of the Florida product, and his abilities were enough to garner him the ranking of the 61st best prospect from the Sunshine state.

It's one thing to be big. But it's another to use that large frame on jump balls. And that is the specialty of Ford.

He simply out-jumps any defender in a one on one battle, which led to a high volume of touchdowns. He does a great job of boxing out cornerbacks and getting the ball at its highest point, and Ford could become a valuable red-zone target because of that fact.

Another clear reason for the upside of Ford is his ability to run with the ball in open space. A perfect example of this comes on a punt return touchdown in his highlight film. He uses blocks extremely well and has serious breakaway speed. He can make plays all over the field, and is fearless across the middle of the field. Expect Ford to gain a ton of yards on crossing routes in his collegiate career.

He's only 177 pounds, so it's be scary to think about the player Ford could become once he gets over 190.

We may not see a polished product at Lane Stadium for a couple of years, but once that time comes, watch out.


Parker has a large but skinny frame just like Ford, and the comparisons between the two are apparent. Parker made a big step in his second year on campus, just as I would expect Ford to do.

He becomes a vertical threat for the 2014 Hokies, and owns impressive speed when carrying the ball. Parker showed that with his 40-plus yard end around in the Spring game. He may be in line for a breakout campaign.

The theme of the future of Virginia Tech receivers seems to be surrounded around height, and both of these players should be weapons for the Hokies down the road.


Davis represents the finished product and ceiling that Ford could develop into. Say what you will regarding his blocking, but the former New York Jet could flat out make plays on the ball and while running with it.

He recorded the second-highest yardage season in VT history with 953 yards on 51 catches. That helped Davis average a sublime 17.4 yards per catch in his career in Blacksburg. He could go up and get the ball on a vertical route, and he was equally as deadly when he caught the ball in full stride.

During a time in which Bud Foster likes to compare the college game to "pick-up basketball", it will be nice to have a prospect like Ford that can dominate the backyard style.

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