April 5, 2006

Red Raider offense shakes off the dust

All eyes were on the offense Wednesday afternoon as the Texas Tech football team took the intramural fields for their ninth of fifteen spring practices. The environment didn't cooperate much as winds gusting around 35 m.p.h. coupled with nearby construction made practice an exercise in watery eyes and gritty mouths. Still, the staff of RedRaiderSports.com fears no particle and brings you this full practice report.

Welcome back

After being completely dominated during Monday's team period by their defensive counterparts, the Red Raider offense seemed anxious to re-assert themselves during today's simulated scrimmage. It didn't take long. After two snaps, sophomore quarterback Graham Harrell connected with senior Z-receiver Joel Filani for a 35-yard gain. The trajectory of Harrell's pass was more than slightly altered due to the wind conditions but Filani made a heady play, tipping the ball back to him and reeling it in before going out of bounds.

Even though Lyle Setencich's defense wasn't blitzing nearly as much as they were on Monday, the offense still struggled at times. Sophomore center Josh Aleman badly mishandled a snap with Harrell resulting in a scramble for the ball. A sack quickly followed.

Kobey Lewis turned in the most impressive play of the day when he nearly took a basic draw play between the tackles to the house. His diminutive stature worked in his favor, as he squirted in and out of a pile of offensive and defensive linemen. Sophomore safety Lance Fuller's pursuit angle was the only thing that prevented Lewis from scoring six.

Q&A with Robert Johnson

[on how he feels the spring has gone thus far]
It's going pretty good but I'm just a little injured right now. I'm still trying to get better and get healthy. Everything is good, I'm still learning things but I'm more experienced now since I have last year under my belt. I kind of know what to do now when I go out there but I'm still learning. Last year was a learning experience; I've learned to run my routes a little different and things like that. I'm just having fun, that's it.

[on the difference between last year and this year]
Last spring I was kind of hesitating and just running the routes. But not this spring, I'm running the routes different now. We might run 95 four or five times and I'll run it differently four or five times. Things like that is what I'm doing, just running things through.

[on teammate Grant Walker]
I told him the other day that if he keeps on doing good he's going to make me get better. Anytime you have a guy that good behind you, that can make the game better, then it makes you play harder. It's kind of cool having Grant back there because we talk.

[on his role on the team]
I just try to go out there and make plays on the field and be a leader by example. I just want to go out there, do my thing and have fun. If other guys see me having fun then I think they're going to have fun too.

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