May 24, 2006

Your Questions Answered: Hunter Lawrence

Starting next week, the Texas Longhorn football team will welcome its newest crop of freshman, as players come in with high hopes and high expectations.

One player that has a great shot of playing a key role in defending Texas' national championship is kicker Hunter Lawrence. The strong-legged player from Boerne is expected to compete for the starting spot at one of the team's most important positions, and he's looking forward to beginning his career as a Longhorn.

Among kick-offs, field goals, extra points and punting, which are you most likely to perform in 2006?

Probably field goals and extra points

What is your shoe size?


How do you feel the transition will be since you're not able to use a tee in college?

I've been kicking off the ground for quite a while now so I think I should be used to it by the time the season comes around the season comes around.

What are your thoughts on competing for a starting spot?

That's really exciting to me. I'm just going to do the best that I can and hopefully I can get the job.

How high can you kick your leg?

I can put my knee to my shoulder whenever I kick straight up.

What persuaded you to become a field goal kicker?

I played soccer for 10 years and then during football we had kicking tryouts and I kicked it pretty far, so I thought it was pretty cool. That was it.

Do you have an idea on what you will major in?

I'm going into Kinesiology, or sports medicine.

What is your range on field goals?

In practice the other day, I had a little wind, but I hit it from 60 off the ground.

Do you want the game in your hands (or foot) with two seconds left and a 40-yarder to win the game?

I'd rather us be killing the team but yeah, actually. I like it if it's coming down and I'll get to see if I can really perform under pressure. It's fun. I'd like that.

What's the hardest aspect of being a kicker?

Probably the mental side, blocking everything out.

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