June 5, 2006

Plenty of action at Cal's 1-day Camp

Approximately 125 juniors showed up at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley on Sunday, June 4th to perform at Cal's 1-day Individual junior camp. Numerous prospects from both Southern and Northern California were able to interact with the Golden Bears staff, including Sacramento, Calif., Grant high school lineman Devan Cunningham. BearTerritory was on hand to take in some of the afternoon action.

The one-day camp began with all players doing 60 minutes of stretching drills. Led by Special Teams coach Pete Alamar, the campers did everything from groin stretches and calf stretches to extensive hamstring stretches. At the end of the 60 minutes, if the players weren't loose, they'd never get there.

After the stretching drills, all prospects begin doing individual drills. Running back coach Ron Gould had tailback prospects cutting, switching the ball from hand to hand, and then work on breaking arm tackles by using different arm moving techniques. Linebacker coach Bob Foster, now in his second stint on the Cal staff, worked with numerous defensive prep prospects on getting to the point of contact and using better footwork. And offensive line coach Jim Michalczik worked with a number of linemen on blocking techniques.

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