June 9, 2006

Four top Chambers' list, one sits at the top

Coffeeville athlete Lee Chambers has seen interest continue to soar, and now that the summer break has arrived, he sits on 12 offers. Four of those schools however, top his early list. While his summer is nearly booked with non-football activities, he may still be able to squeeze in a camp or two. Who is watching him now and which four schools lead?

An earlier report had Ole Miss sitting at the top, but as is often the case with denizens outside the confines of the Magnolia State's borders, there appears to have been a little confusion in that report.

"I never said Ole Miss was my top school," he said. "I am not even considering Ole Miss. It's Mississippi State, South Carolina, Southern Miss, and Miami are my top four." The school that currently holds the lead does indeed have a "Miss" in it, albeit at the beginning.

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