June 15, 2006

Jenkins enjoying recruiting experience

For one Ole Miss target life is good, visiting schools that are showing him interest, spending time with friends and see first hand what college football recruiting is all about.

Winona's Colton Jenkins will be the first to tell you he is just a small town country boy, but at 6-foot-5, 285-pounds he is anything but small on the field and doesn't play that way on the gridiron either.

"Some of the Ole Miss coaches and others have told us that Colton hits harder than most kids his age," Mrs. Glenda Jenkins said. "He truly loves the game of football, we know wherever he ends up he will always give it his all, that's just the type person he is."

Colton's mom will be the first to tell you that she is her son's biggest fan and perhaps biggest critic, the closeness between the two is very obvious.

"My mom will coach me up harder than my regular coaches do," Jenkins laughed. "She will tell me what I did wrong, but she does it in a way that only she can do it. She is also my best friend."

The Jenkins family has had the cars running in both directions lately as Jenkins participated in a two-day camp at Ole Miss on Friday and Saturday and then at MSU on Sunday. They journeyed to familiar territory for the family this past weekend when they took a trip to Alabama.

"Most of my mom's family are Alabama fans," Jenkins said. "I have a lot of family that would love to see me at Alabama. The camp was great/. I loved the campus; I'm not sure how much interest they have in me. Their tight-end coach wanted me to send them some tape. Coach Mike Shula was really nice and said he was very excited about me being there."

Jenkins is enjoying the experience of recruiting and never dreamed that a small town kid like he would get this much attention.

"It has been very humbling," Jenkins said. "I have three offers now and probably getting close to getting one from Memphis. I will go there this weekend for their camp. I just want to see as many campuses as possible so I when I make my decision that I know I have the best possible decision for me."

The two schools that are fighting the hardest for Jenkins services are Ole Miss and MSU.

"Those are the two recruiting me the hardest," Jenkins admitted. "They both seem to really want me a lot. It's great to be wanted, it's a lot better to be in demand than not to have any offers."

According to Jenkins he enjoyed both camps but one left him more exhausted than the other.

"No doubt about it, Ole Miss camp is a lot more physical, a lot more teaching and it was all about playing football. At MSU they talked a lot about academics and was more like a junior day at times, at Ole Miss once we got there we didn't stop running or doing drills until it was time to go home. Except for lunch of course."

Jenkins also liked Ed Orgeron's approach to camp.

"He told us that we were going to be coached like Ole Miss Rebels for a day," Jenkins said. "I loved it, I definitely could see myself as a Rebel."

Jenkins decided to attend both senior day one day camps at Ole Miss, going with the tight-ends one day and the other with the offensive linemen.

"There is no doubt I'm going to end up an offensive lineman," Jenkins said. "I wanted to learn what I could at tight end that I can use this fall. I learned a lot both days, the Ole Miss camp was more of a teaching camp."

Jenkins might also want considered a job in politics when he gets older. One question that Jenkins has had trouble with is who is leading for his services. While its apparent that one school might have an edge, he has trouble saying it.

"Well everyone is even at this point," Jenkins said laughing. "There is one place that holds a special place in my heart, but we will have to wait and see what the best situation is for me."

When asked which school that could be, Jenkins answered in the only way he knew to.
He played Dixie on his horn while driving back home from an evening with friends.

Ole Miss fans will be hoping he goes with his heart.

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