August 22, 2006

Star DT Langley will visit MSU

Defensive tackle recruiting is always important, for a team that will graduate both starters after the 2006 season, it is critical. That is the situation Michigan State finds itself in for the class of 2007. For that reason, they are focused on some of the top defensive tackle prospects in the nation. One player who they are focused on is Donald Langley of Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland.

Seneca Valley High School is a hotbed for talent this year. The school has no less than six players who have at least one division one scholarship offer. Spartan Coach Ben Sirmans is Langley for the Spartans and will certainly be making plenty of trips to his high school this fall.

Langley is rated a 3-satr prospect by and the #32 defensive tackle in the nation, however that ranking is probably low when you consider the scholarship offers he has. With offers on the table for team like Michigan State, Tennessee, Penn State, Texas A&M, Virginia and a host of other teams, Langley is one of the most highly recruited players in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The database list Langley as being 6-foot-2, 267-pounds. Those numbers are somewhat out of date and Langley updated us on that. "I am up to 295-pounds. I have actually gained that weight while dropping my overall body fat. Those numbers are form over a year ago. I have been working out very hard and have also improved my speed and strength."

Langley has been busy the past few weeks setting up his schedule for the fall. He informed us that he just recently set up his official visit to Michigan State.

"I am going out to Michigan State on the 23rd of September for the Notre Dame game. I am looking forward to it. The week before I will be in Tennessee for the Florida game and then on October 21st I will go to Penn State for the Michigan game. Those are the three official visits I have set up so far. I hope to take 4 or even all 5 if possible.

The reason it might be tough to work in all 5 games is not only will Langley's Seneca Valley team likely be playing well into November, but he also plans on graduating early. Being a December graduate, means that Langley will be able to practice with a team for the spring of 2007. That should give him a great opportunity to contribute in the fall of 2007.

"I really don't want to red-shirt. I would like to get some early playing time. I just want to do whatever I can to help my team win."

Helping his team win is something the All-State defensive tackle does well. In a scrimmage earlier this week he was basically unstoppable. He had 7 pancakes on offense and 3 sacks on defense in limited snaps in a scrimmage.

Coach Ben Sirmans is the primary recruiter of Langley for the Spartans. Langley indicated that he has developed a good relationship with him.

"I call Coach Sirmans once a week. He is a real good guy. I like talking with him.

With six division 1 recruits, Langley might not be the only prospect from Seneca Valley High School that the Spartans are after. Langley indicated that he thought of one of his teammates joining him in college is attractive.

"One of my best friend is Jourdan Brooks (LB/RB).He has a lot of offers and we have talked about the idea of playing together in college. It is definitely something we have talked about."

As would be expected of a December graduate, Langley is a solid student who is already fully qualified according to the NCAA standards. Langley indicated that as of right now he is leaning toward studying Computer Science in college. will be sure to keep in-touch with Langley in the coming weeks. It is obvious based on his official visit for the Notre Dame game that he is a top priority for the Spartan class of 2007. The fact that he is an early graduate makes him even more valuable a recruit. We will be sure to follow-up with him after his visit and get the latest news on his recruitment.

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