September 23, 2006

Crum making a name for himself


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Maurice Crum was made for this.

Most college linebackers would shudder at the prospect of learning three positions, a stress strong enough to make bags under the eyes permanent and render eye black overkill on Saturdays. But mastering the middle, strongside and weakside spots, adapting to two coaching staffs and managing a major in Sociology plus a minor in Anthropology suits Crum just fine.

Growing up in Tampa Bay, Fla., Crum made a habit of experimentation brought on by natural curiosity, an encouraging mother and a desire to out-do a father with plenty of stories to tell. Not only did Maurice Crum Sr., earn All-American honors at Miami as a linebacker, he also played catcher for the Hurricanes and played in the Little League World Series twice on teams with Gary Sheffield and Derek Bell.

"He kind of knows it, but I'm always competing against what he did and trying to do my own thing," Crum said about his father. "He always had the best stories because he's met the most people that have gone on to have the most success."

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