October 7, 2006

The motor man, Bruice Davis emerges

Junior defensive end Bruce Davis is really coming into his own as player. His non-stop motor on the defensive side of the ball has been something to see. This guy never quits on a play and keeps his motor going until the whistle blows. His emergence is one of the reasons that the Bruins are playing so well on the defensive side of the ball.

BruinBlitz.com: Bruce you are having a heck of a junior season tell us what metamorphosis you have gone through from your freshman season to now?

Davis: "I think really the biggest thing is, well actually there are two things. I have one position now, I have one place and can get comfortable at that one position that I'm at and the second thing is just confidence in me from coaches and from teammates.

"I mean I get a lot of support and they (coaches) have been really patient. They're (coaches) great teachers and my teammates included. They have been there to help me when I need to understand things.

"If I need to work on something as far as D-line, I can go to one of my teammates. I can go to Justin Hickman, I can go to Kenneth Lombard or one of those guys on the D-Line. If it's about coverage, Trey Brown is my roommate so we can sit there and chat it up. I have a really big support system and I feel that everybody has confidence in me right now."

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