December 17, 2006

Decision time nears for Bo Williams

Four-star running back Bo Williams had spent time early this past summer camping in Pittsburgh but most of his view of the Pitt campus was of the UPMC practice facilities on the Southside. This past weekend he got a better look at the Pitt campus.

Bo Williams told the Pantherlair, "I got to see the freshman dorms. They are really pretty. They are no nice it is like staying in a hotel."

Williams went on to say, "I also got see a number of tall buildings on campus including the Cathedral of Learning. We went up to the top floor. It is huge. I also got to see Heinz Chapel. They told us about the history of each building."

"My host was Eric Thatcher. He was the one that got hurt this year," said Williams. "I also met another recruit, Jordan Bernstine. He was a pretty cool guy."

Williams indicated he would like to make a decision by Wednesday. He said, "I graduate from high school on Thursday. I want to start college in January so I guess I have to make up my mind. These are all good schools. I may have to draw a name out of the hat. I don't think I could go wrong."

Williams indicated he got to spend time with Coach Wannstedt, Coach walker and Coach Partridge while he was at Pitt. Williams said, "They are all cool guys."

Bo Williams had him home visits from last week from Coach Wannstedt of Pitt, Coach Bowden of Florida State and Coach Meyers of Florida. Williams interrupted our phone call by saying; "Coach Holiday (from Florida) is on my other line. I have to go but before I do tell Pitt fans I rate my visit to Pitt a "10".

Bo Williams has made official visits to Pitt, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska and NC State.

The four-star running back is ranked in's Top 250. He is fully qualified academically.

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