January 4, 2007

Peitz a motivated athlete

Crofton defensive end/tight end Eric Peitz has the size, strength, and speed
needed to play football at the Division I level. And despite interest from
schools in the Big XII as well as other programs, this All State senior ended
the recruiting process by committing to Colorado State. Find out more
about Peitz as GoldandGreenNews.com caught up with Crofton head football coach
Tony Hoffman and talked to him about this standout, his strengths, and much

Can you describe what type of player he is?

"For us, he played tight end and defensive end. His best position probably
was defensive end. He is very athletic, very strong, hard working, and a
very physical player. By the time we got halfway through the season, most
teams were not running to his side."

What would you say is his main strength?

"To me, it is his motivation. I think he is a very motivated player and
also in the classroom. He has a good head on his shoulders."

What areas does he need to continue working on?

"He is lifting now and working hard in there. His strength is good but he
needs to become stronger to compete at the Division I level. Last summer,
he benched about 300 pounds and squatted close to 500 pounds. Those need
to come up. His speed is around 4.7 and that is good but he needs to work
on quickness. He is doing that and it will improve. He is weighing
around 245 pounds so he will get bigger."

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