January 19, 2007

Szczerba: 'It was just awesome'

Penn State commitment Andrew Szczerba recently entertained a special visitor to his high school in the form of Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno. Read below to read about the visit, his relationship with Devon Still and his thoughts about a possible move to offensive tackle.

BWI: Can you take me through Coach Paterno's visit to your school?

Andrew Szczerba:
They came around 9:00. I think right as the bell rang, they came in the main doors and all the students who were switching classes got to come see them in the main lobby. I heard that people were taking pictures of him, getting handshakes and just trying to meet him. I was just waiting in the main office for him for a little bit. It was kind of cool to see the whole school go nuts over Coach Paterno coming. We just went into a conference room people were taking pictures and videotaping it for our morning announcements. We have our student announcements that are produced at Salesianum so it will probably be on tomorrow. It was just really cool. We were kind of just talking about whatever. It was an awesome experience for Coach Paterno to come to my school. It was a great experience for Salesianum and my parents and family. It was really indescribable; it took your breath away to see Coach Paterno walking down your hallway.

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