March 1, 2007

Q and A: WR Greg Ford's Keenan Bowen sat down with [db]Greg Ford[/db], one of the 22 new Eagles from the class of 2007, to find out his goals for the next four or five years, why he picked EWU and more! This Q and A is just one of many installments of Q and A's with new Eagles from the 2007 signing class.

ES: What was it that really made Eastern Washington stand out in your recruiting process?

FORD: "All of the coaches are great guys and awesome coaches, and I liked it a lot when I went to camp over the summer."

ES: If you didn't end up signing with the Eagles, where do you think you would have signed?

FORD: "I would have signed with Coach Baldwin at Central"

ES: What is your favorite part or aspect of the Cheney area?

FORD: "I like that it's a small town but then if you want bigger, you can drive 15 minutes to Spokane."

ES: What impresses you most about head coach Paul Wulff?

FORD: "He's a very respectable coach, and he treats everyone with the respect they deserve. He seems like one of those guys that's going to be more than just a football coach, and that always is great for team chemistry."

ES: What specific workouts or training will you do over the next six months?

FORD: "Right now I'm playing basketball and I will play baseball in the spring. I am also in the weight room a lot and will be a regular during the next six months for sure."

ES: What will you bring to the Eastern Washington football program?

FORD: "Leadership qualities, I have been a leader in many aspects of my life. On the other hand, I'm not going to come in and try to be a leader right away; I plan to learn a lot from the coaches and established leaders on the team. I will also bring good character and responsibility."

ES: Who has been the biggest influence in your life as far as football is concerned?

FORD: "My high school coaches; Coach Miller, Koch, Pollock, Parnell, and Wilkes have taught me so much on and off the field. I wouldn't be where I'm at today without them. I love those guys!"

ES: How would you describe your personality off the football field?

FORD: "I love to laugh and have a good time. I know when it's time to have fun and mess around and when it's time to get down to business. I just like to have a great time in whatever I'm doing."

ES: What are some of your other hobbies outside of football?

FORD: "I play a lot of basketball on my free time. I play video games, but only sports games like Madden and NBA Live. I also love to hang out with friends and family and laugh and have a blast."

ES: What is your favorite kind of food?

FORD: "Food...there's too much good food out there, but if I have to choose one I have to go with my mom's homemade Lasagna."

ES: Do you have a favorite movie?

FORD: "Dumb and Dumber and Billy Madison are classics for sure!"

ES: Do you have a pre-game ritual or tradition?

FORD: "Not really, just get focused and know what I have to get out there and do."

ES: Is there a particular artist or song that gets you pumped up before a game?

FORD: "I don't really listen to music before games unless it's on in the locker room...but anything fast and upbeat pumps me up."

ES: What was the best part of the recruiting process?

FORD: "Meeting the coaches and players, and also seeing what the college life is really like on visits. I had a great time on my visit to Eastern."

ES: What was the worst part of the recruiting process?

FORD: "Telling other schools I wasn't coming to their school, I don't like to let people down, but you have to when multiple schools are interested."

ES: Do you have any messages for Eastern Washington fans?

FORD: "I am extremely excited to be an Eagle in this awesome recruiting class; everyone should be excited about EAGLE FOOTBALL!!"

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