April 9, 2007

Q&A with defensive tackle George Hypolite

George Hypolite emerged as a rising star in the Buffaloes' defense last season. he led the team in tackles for a loss and was named honorable mention all-Big 12.

The 6-foot-2, 285-pound junior-to-be is determined to achieve bigger and better things in 2007.

We tracked down Hypolite and asked him a variety of questions following last Thursday's spring practice, prior to his ejection from Friday's scrimmage.

There was a lot of talk about the off-season conditioning program that you guys went through. Have you noticed a big difference out here this spring in terms of your strength and the strength of your teammates?
George Hypolite: "You can definitely tell that everybody is a lot stronger, everybody is in really good shape. I think our mentality has changed, too. When you go through something as hard as we did this off-season, you have to kind of get out of the survival mode. If you go into a run thinking you are just going to survive, the run is going to get you. So you kind of have to get in the thrive mode, where I am going to go out here and take advantage of every opportunity that I get to run. So that has kind of changed our mentality as a team. We are taking every rep as seriously as if this were the national championship game, and its 4th and 10 and we have to have it."

This spring and this off-season is there anything you are focused on working on individually?
"Me specifically, there are a lot of holes in my game. I don't feel like I take great steps, I don't always put myself in a great position to make plays, my hands can always get better, my feet can always get better, my pass rush moves can always get better, I can always play box faster. Things like that. So it's a constant process, I'm always trying to improve. If I can already do something well, I'm trying to do it a step faster."

Is Coach Romeo Bandison stressing anything with you or the defensive line this spring?
"He is stressing technique. When we play our technique well, we are a great defensive line. When we do what were supposed to do, know what we're doing on the field, we're a great defensive line. So that is kind of what he is stressing, playing the technique that he teaches us."

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