June 14, 2007

Tale of the Tape: Scott Betros

Attitude: The first thing that jumps out at you when watching Scott Betros' tapes is his passion for the game. Scott Betros is your stereotypical football player. That's not to say I know anything about his pursuits of cheerleaders, but he pursues running backs with a reckless abandon. Betros plays the game like every play is his last. Though that is an overused statement, it absolutely applies to Betros. You can see Betros' personality come out on the field with his shows of emotion after stopping a running back in the backfield or picking off a pass over the middle.

Betros is extremely aggressive. On runs, he tackles aggressively. When the ball is in the air, he goes after it aggressively. This leads to some big plays, and some mistakes as well. But as anyone who has every put on a helmet knows, it's better to be aggressive; tentativeness has no place on the football field and that's not a concern with Betros.

His attitude becomes even more important at his position. Middle linebackers are the heart of the defense. They play in the middle and call the plays in the defensive huddle. It's going to be fun seeing Betros' lead the Deacons defense over the next few years. He brings an attitude and edge to the huddle that will help others around him.

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