July 26, 2007

New snapper standing pat

MORGANTOWN--West Virginia's new long-snapper, Adam Hughes, is pretty much of an unknown commodity. All things considered, the Princeton junior would just like to keep it that way.

"Absolutely. Ab-so-lutely," he said Wednesday at the Puskar Center. "At my position, you don't want anybody to know your name. You don't even want anyone to know you're on the team. When I go out, I don't want anybody to know who I am, whatsoever. That's the case thus far. I'd like to keep it that way. If you're a snapper and people know you're name, it's a bad thing. People know you're messing up."

As the Mountaineers' snapper for punts and place kicks, Hughes would like to keep his name perhaps out of the record book, just like Scott Fleming (2005) and '06's Tim Lindsey did before him.

At WVU, the art of snapping, holding, kicking and punting is no longer the "new adventure" it seemed to be in head coach Rich Rodriguez's early years. Starting with Fleming who snapped to George Shehl, then moving to Lindsey, who snapped to Travis McClintic, the wheel has been nicely greased.

Of course, specialist Pat McAfee has been mostly on the end of the three-point-play or 40-yard punt for all three years.

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