August 7, 2007

Gandy hangs it up, frosh LB moves up

Monday was one of the toughest day's in Steve Gandy young life. After devoting much of his life to a game he loved, Gandy made the decision to give up football after recently suffering his fourth concussion in eight months.

"It's so hard for him," said AU linebacker coach James Willis. "He broke down because he's a football player. That's what he is and it's hard to let it go. It was tough but you have to be smart and tough, not just tough."

Willis and the AU coaching staff left the final decision up to Gandy but Willis didn't leave any doubt he thought it was best for Gandy to move on and avoid any long-term health risks.

"I told him, 'If you were my son, I would tell you to think about, not quitting, but not finishing your career,'" said Willis. "There's a difference. It's not like he's just giving up on it and quitting. Medically, he can't do it. That's more important because there's much more to life than just football."

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