August 29, 2007

Q&A with defensive tackle George Hypolite

BOULDER, Colo. - The best interview on the Buffaloes' defense, junior defensive tackle George Hypolite took time out to talk with about the team's upcoming game against in-state rival Colorado State.

After losing to CSU last season, do you approach the game against them any differently this year?
George Hypolite: "No, not really. They are a quality opponent. We have to bring our best game. It is not necessarily all about CSU. It's more about the University of Colorado having to do what we have to do, and doing what we have to do well. They are a great team, a quality opponent and we are going to have to bring our 'A' game to beat them. To even be in the game we are going to have to bring our 'A' game. That is our focus right now, bring our 'A' game. It is not so much worrying about everything they are going to do, but worrying about getting ourselves as prepared and ready as we can be for this game."

From the film you've watched on CSU, what stands out to you about their offense?
"They do what they do and that is very respectable. Some teams try to confuse you, try to trick you. They (CSU) don't try to confuse you. They line up and try to kick you in the teeth, every play. It is old school football. Personnel wise, they look like they have the kind of guys that want to do that, the guys that get down in their stance every down and want to put your face in the dirt."

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